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CHICAGO – It’s is a fact that a person get shot every 3 hours and one of dies every 18 hours with rates going up to 47 homicides and 211 wounded for austin and 37 homicides and 286 wounded for englewood. The Drill Kings had a powerful influence in the renewal of the hip hop scene in chiraq. But it came with a price, What we call Blood Money since many of drill music purveyors are active gang member, who are not rapper acting like gangsters but legit gangsters that use rap to convey their message to the opps, grief their dead member and pledge allegiance to their faction, and the street are at fever pitch when it comes to settle beefs.


 On July 11, Capo, Chicago rapper affiliated with Chief Keef’s Glory Boyz Entertainment and Glo Gang, was shot & killed during a tragic drive-by incident. Around 1:40 pm the Glory Boy affiliate was shot in the back & left for dead in the 7700 block of South Kingston Ave.He was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center and was later pronounced dead. The individuals whom shot him fled & killed a young boy in a stroller in the Woodlawn neighborhood, few miles northwest of the shooting. The car was pursued by police & it was later confirmed that 2 individuals were in custody.


Une photo publiée par ” GLOGANG” (@elcappgguod) le

Few hours after his death, a disturbing video surfaced and had social media bursting, thirty second of hard cold truth of a growning teenager which willnot see another day. In the video, you can see the Glo Boy member laying on the pavement , bleeding to his death while bystander tried to keep him awake. The alleged killer, Antoine Watkins, 21 years old, was charged with murder of the 13 month old baby, Dillan Harris. Watkins ran red lights and was driving more than 70 mph on neighborhood streets when he striked Dillan Harris, the baby in the stroller. the mother told, she pushed her girls out of the way but was not able to save her baby.

According to source, other suspect fled the scene and another disturbing footage surfaced few days after of another alleged killer, face covered claiming, GBE member was not “ about that life “ and that he knew what was coming for him. In Moving lyrics, that mirrors the circumstances of his own death, he rapped : “You standin’ on that block, here comes a drive-by / And innocent kids are getting hit, now let’s ask God Why ?”. Capo GloryBoyz entertainement will be remember as the most famous dead drillking.

2015 Dead Drillking List exclusive 10 pages report featuring GBE capo, Stello, Young Pappy and Many more

2015 Dead Drillking List exclusive 10 pages report featuring GBE capo, Stello, Young Pappy and Many more


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Who is Scarlxrd?



Scarlxrd, Meet With Hip Hop’s Most Violent Act.

Scarlxrd must be the most violent act in the scene. Hailing from England, the metal-influenced rapper plays extremely well with the codes and aims to push boundaries of the genre to another level.

With the early XXXTentacion tending to be sonically rough and violent, the English emcee takes it further while he sticks to the codes.

Defined by the distorted vocals, use of heavy guitar riffs from time to times to gives it its aggressive foundations, the trap elements connect the dots to make it fall under the rap category.

Flaunting his thousand-dollar outfit in his videos and lyrics, the former family friendly YouTuber whose use to  publish video under the moniker of Mazzi Maz, has been fueling controversy in the underground partly due to his talent but also due to the comparison with Broward County superstar XXXTentacion.

Before his solo rap career, scarlxrd was part of rap-rock band Myth City in 2016, but month later Marcu ‘Maz’ Listhrop from his real name, created his scarlxrd alter-ego and released 7 mixtapes: Annx DxminiLXRD,  SavixurRxseChaxsthexry and Cabin Fever.

Why does he wears a face mask?

Scarlxrd wears a black surgery face mask so he won’t be recognized and mainly due to his YouTube popularity. In fact the rapper was a YouTube superstar in England and has a recognizable mark under his chin. A White spot that might be sign of Vitiligo and that he wants to hide from people. Hard enough to maintain into a character, the UK savage doesn’t seem to want people to know about his past which doesn’t fit with the Scarlxrd character.


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For those who don’t know Yung Jake, he has always been an underrated influencer.

Low-key setting trends or replicating them discreetly, the Lil B influenced Emcee is one hell of an artist and makes most of his bread as both creative and artistic director for brand and Rap superstaras he was behind production such as the ‘No Flex Zone’ Videoclip from Rae Sremmurd and with the emoji Pepsi commercial, his blueprint.

Leading us to the main subject of this article, his blue print. While Yung Jake the rapper has often used Yung Jake the artist to help his career and vice versa, but the artist has taken over and is shining bright like a diamond. Using a close juxtaposition of all emojis available, Jake update an art form that was first found in the Macedonian palace-city of Aegae, in the fourth century before Christ, the mosaic. And the digital artist, whose real name is Jake Patterson scores big with those masterpieces made from emojis, as he was commissioned by the Dream Downtown hotel in New York City to create new pieces just for the occasion.

From the underground trends to the geekiest digital technics, the Rapper/Artist invades the Dream Downtown in New York City with the now popular Digital Mosaic, located on 355 W 16th Street New York, NY 10011.

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Is BBKnight Rap’s Next Superstar ?



Remember where you heard it first, the Las Vegas rapper BBknight is rap next biggest trend …

this is kind of a rhetorical question for us, since we intimately know that there is that special thing about him. Searching the web for hours can be super boring at time and so rewarding at others. Like finally finding the identity of the smoking wood rapper just to realize that he would be one of this year biggest revelation.

And this time, I think web monitoring has been kind of rewarding as it led us to a newcomer that goes by the name of BB Knight.

First you have to be wondering: ‘what type of clickbait this article is?’ but unfortunately not. A super-duper flow and a taste for swaged-out clothes, the Las Vegas rapper could in the next few days turn out to be the biggest trend in the industry (XXL will soon publish an article about him as they monitor our webzine).

Alike his predecessors, the young Emcee follow the trends and codes dictated by the scene his own way. You could easily compare him to Playboi Carti & Tay-K but Lil Knight has his own blueprint and has a secret weapon too …

The Secret Weapon

Things gets a bit complicated but that’s how we first heard of BB Knight. Two days ago, Lil Xan released his brand new videoclip ‘Xanarchy’. Since it was released through WSHH, we were stunned by the new level of post-production effects on the video and assume that it was done by the great Cole Benneth, so we pursued our investigation on Lyrical Lemonade official website just to realize that it was him that produced the super dope video but somebody he was praising  the work extensively. And his name is LoneWolf. Check his work here.

his style use paper collage, filters, layering with drop down shadow and many other technics that surprisingly recall the general mood of Cole’s videos without copying it.

But it doesn’t stop here …

If you go back to earlier 2017, every track delivered is sonically mature in comparison to his young age and as discussed in multiple articles, there is no particular ‘window’ in which an artist will blow up due to the high virality of internet’s giant algorythm.

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