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21 Savage, Drake & Young Thug Collaboration ‘ISSA’ Has Finally Surfaced



First hints of the collaboration was a short snippet of 21 and Young Thug a few month ago and we eventually heard about Drake’s possible verse when Thugga-Thugga’s fiancée tweeted about it.

Rumored to be featured on ‘More Life the track “Issa” is based around 21 Savage’s famous line from his August 2016 interview with DJVlad, when he asked him what was the cross on his forehead, and answered ‘ ISSA KNIFE’.

However a version leaked earlier this weekend and the only concern despite the poor quality of the track is that we hope it won’t be shelved by the artists. So lets make it big and hope that’ll make them shoot their next videoclip to it.

21 savage – ISSA ft Drake & Young Thug Lyrics :

[Intro: 21 Savage & Young Thug]
Issa Kylie, might be Jenner, hollup
It’s fight or die, she leave wit’ the winner

[Chorus : Young Thug]
Issa, issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa, issa, issa

[Verse 1: 21 Savage]
Issa knife, dawg, I got stripes, dawg
What’s in that Wraith, Savage? It’s some white, dawg
It’s some nose-white, that shit slime
Chopper singin’, Ginuwine
I’m on Air One, issa nine
On Gresham road, all the time
I be cheatin’, she be cryin’
She tell the truth, I be lyin’
Issa paintin’ (art), half a ticket
Issa Kylie, might be Jenner (hollup)
Issa jet, issa check
Issa savage, now she wet (that bitch wet!)
Issa Pyrex, I got crack (I got crinack)
Got a coolin’ system, issa Tec
If your bitch spend the night, issa sex
If your watch ain’t cost a hundred, it ain’t shit (it ain’t shit)


[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Issa X, it’s respect
If she don’t check ’em, issa next
Issa slice, yes or not (yes or no?)
Only one ’bout it, issa squash
I’m out the gutta dawg, nigga I’m real raw
Nigga I got real hittas
Issa great difference (great!)
Nigga, I’m real raw
Issa babysitter
Oh that’s a real kiddie? (real child?)
Nigga, that’s a real stripper (fool)
I see pistols, issa pig, nigga, pig
Could’ve been had em, talk to Rika instead
Tremendous pool in the livin’ room
We tigers in the streets, bitch, tycoon
Nigga, issa pyrex, nigga, issa [?]
Nigga, issa knife, came for a slice
Baby, get right, nigga get diced
Got [?] at the crib, issa delight

[Verse 3: Drake]
Issa 21, issa Jeff
Issa profit, dawg, issa net
I watched you go sell 4 million, issa stretch
You gave somethin’ to the cops, issa sketch
Issa drawin’, issa foreign
This look fun, that looks borin’
Girl, stop textin’ me so much, it’s annoyin’
Issa bloody La Ferrari, issa fortune

[Verse 4: 21 Savage & Young Thug]
Issa duffle bag, issa Goyard (Goyard)
That’s a pump fake, this a whole car
Issa VVS, and it’s swimmin’
I’m a gang banger, I’m lieutenant
Issa sergeant, issa lieutenant
[?], issa menace
Kept me on target, tell me your bargain
Please don’t scream, it’s an arson
Issa Rolls Royce and it’s tinted (skrrt, skrrt)
Spent your bank account at the dentist
This a Beamer it ain’t rented
Issa diss song, not a message
Issa [?], issa blue bag
Issa [?] issa green bag
Issa moshpit, issa [?]
Issa [?] Alexander McQueen

[Verse 5: Drake]
Issa 40, issa 30
Issa deadly, y’all not ready
Issa nail polish, bitch I’m petty
Issa ton of these, just got heavy
Issa YSL, issa PDE
That’s my old ting, issa TBT
Issa tax bracket, issa Stoney jacket
World is mine now, it’s on Tony status

[Verse 6: 21 Savage]
Nigga don’t argue
Nigga you [?]
Nigga go harder, harder
Nigga [?]
And I got a ‘Rari, ‘Rari
And I got a Harley, Harley
And I got Saint Laurent on my garments
Issa 21, issa [?]
Issa, issa pistol
Issa, dismiss ’em
Issa pistol
Issa killer, issa killer
Issa killer, issa pistol
Bitch don’t call

[Chorus: Young Thug]
Issa, issa, issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa, issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa, issa

[Outro: Young Thug]
Slat, poppin’ like we popcorn
Hit my bitch with my socks on
Know some hitters out the 9th Ward


Kanye West Confirms Dr. Dre Version Of “Jesus Is King” & More Projects




It’s been a busy day for Kanye West. The multihyphenate artist kicked off today by giving us the first glimpse of his new Yeezy collaboration with the GAP, a partnership that’s been a long time coming for the designer. Following this exciting news came Kid Cudi’s announcement that the Kids See Ghosts duo are getting their own animated show based on their 2018 joint project. Cudi shared a teaser trailer for the series, directed by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, which sees both artists voicing cartoon animals by the names of Kanye Bear and Kid Fox.

Then, Kanye took to Twitter again to list off the myriad of forthcoming projects he’s got in store. Along with the Kids See Ghosts cartoon and GAP collection, for which Mowalola Ogunlesi will serve as design director, Kanye unloaded a whole slew of news about his upcoming work. Among these exciting ventures is the highly-anticipated sequel to Ye’s 2019 album, Jesus Is King, in collaboration with Dr. Dre. Ye also revealed that the Jesus Is King film, which he released in IMAX theatres last October, will be receiving a digital release on Apple Music in the near future. His Nick-Knight directed Yeezy documentary will also be getting an official release.

You might also like: How Does Supreme’s Ostensible Demarketing Strategy Works ?!In addition, Ye also tells us that a music video helmed by cinematographer, Arthur Jafa, for a song titled “Wash Us In The Blood” is on the way. Last month, Jafa spilled that Ye’s new album was tentatively titled God’s Country, and that he’d worked on some visuals for the first single off the album; however, there’s no mention of God’s Country in Ye’s news dump. Finally, Ye mentions that the Yeezy foam runner, the first American-manufactured product from the brand, will be released soon. It really is the #WESTDAYEVER.

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Eminem Shares Teaser For 10th-Anniversary Surprise for ‘Recovery’



Eminem recently took to Twitter to announce a surprise for the 10th anniversary of his Recovery album.

Posting a compilation video accompanied by the quote “Music is my time machine,” the celebrated rapper noted that something special is coming June 22. Although it is unclear what exactly Em has planned but the accompanying #RECOVERY10 hashtag teases some kind of expansive campaign.

You might also like: How Does Supreme’s Ostensible Demarketing Strategy Works ?!Catch Eminem’s teaser for the 10th-anniversary of Recovery below.

“Music is my time machine” ⚡️️#RECOVERY10 more coming Monday!

— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) June 19, 2020

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Kid Trunks teams up with Noah Cyrus for “Do You Know What Is Right?”



This beautiful duet by Kid Trunks and Noah Cyrus is not like anything we usually cover on Brain Bakery

Kid Trunks has been showing the world his artistic versatility in anticipation for his album “Moon“

A completely different genre than what you would expect

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A piano composing the song with passionate chords and lovely melodies

They both sing in unison about the deep consequences of love

The song comes to life when the natural drums give it structure and intensify the emotion of the vocals

This alternative love song is bound to make noise in its respective style audience

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