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3000 People File Class Action Against Anti Social Social Club



Anti Social Social Club allegedly hasn’t proceeded shipping for their latest drop,Hypebeast acted and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

According to online communities, A.S.S.C shipping services are just like their camo hoodie, they are invisible. Thought we haven’t personally copped any items online, they apparently did not send to a large part of their customer the goods they paid for.

While some reportedly received the first half of their order 121 days after placing it, such as Mr Foamer Simpson (video down below), an overwhelming majority have seen three months and a half elapsed while the brand still does not fulfill the orders.

A Petition Gathering almost 3000 signatures!

Upset, Customers teamed up to file an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. A petition gathering almost 3000 signatures from unhappy customers around the world.

According to FindLaw, if a business is unable to ship within the promised time or within 30 days, the merchant must promptly inform and give a new shipping estimate date or a chance to cancel their order for full refund.

For their defense, the orders that were placed in, back in July were reportedly pre-orders. but after 4 month it does seem like a very longtime to wait for a tee or a sweater and as funny as it can seem, we just went to see on ‘Anti Social Social Club Talk‘ Facebook group and noticed people are currently receiving their products at the same time you are reading this article, such as Nick who have posted his tees and sweater for sale 15 hours ago quoting : ‘Brand new from July 4th drop, just received. Add shipping & fees. Can do London meets. Size medium’ 

According to the law, the FTC has wide ranging powers to enforce the 30-Day Rule and prosecuted Businesses can be sued by the Federal Trade Commission for injunctive relief, damages of up to $16,000 per violation, and redress for the consumer. And this applies to the Internet order as well.

Despite the brand might have been drowning in work due to the massive amount of order, we think it is time for them to reconsider their implication and will in shipping out the goods that were paid for. Here is a link to the petition for those who want $16K.

In other new you should check our fashion section with, the latest leak of the exclusive FTP Basketball and the next Supreme drop featuring Cindy Sherman.


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It doesn’t matter if you have a gold plaque, Police officers are still going to threat your ass like a wanabee.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Rainbow decorated rapper was arrested for driving without a license. He was later charged with aggravated unlicensed operation and assaulting an officer after he “allegedly” grabbed the law enforcement officer’s wristd while handcuffed. Released, the Blicky rapper couldn’t wait to share his thought on what he calls the “corrupted society”as he dubbed his instagram post and addressed his recent arrest.

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According to law enforcement officers, a man leaving the restaurant with a woman was chased down the block by a group of unidentified man in a Honda Civic.

Pulling a quick U-turn, two armed men erupted out of the vehicle and started shooting the victim who reportedly attempted to escape the scene by running down the ramp of a nearby parking garage. Chasing him the suspects escaped in the Honda Civic and fled south on bay Street.

Rushed to the hospital by paramedics, the victim identified as 28 year-old Jaiden Jackson was later pronounced dead.

There is no further information on weither suspects have been indentified nor arrested but police forces are actively looking for any bit of evidence available.

Pick 6, is Canadian Superstar, Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, Co-owned restaurant alongside Montreal chef, Antonio Park and his head of security, Nessel Beezer. The business has opened earlier this year on Yonge street & Wellington street.


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As we reported … less than 24 hours after his crash, Offset was back in a recording studio flaunting his bandaged wounds and puffing on a joint.


As reported by TMZ, he rapper was briefly hospitalized after the accident and cops are currently invetigting the crash since he had left the scene before reporting the incident.

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