Lil Uzi Vert Performs New Song Live Called ‘Die Today’

Despite the rumors concerning the tensions the rapper and his label, controling the release of his music it has stopped him from releasing a song or two when he feels like it. Many people surmised he was talking about Drama, who he is signed to under the label Generation Now.

Maintaining a controlled marketing plan, the phillly rapper hasn’t even shared a single photo to his intagram since three weeks but blessed the audience with some unreleased material. Allegedly called ‘Die Today’, the turn up track’s drum line sound surprisingly similar to ‘XO Tour Life‘ ‘s one.

Spitting about the amount of money he made in the past two years, letting the fans know that if he dies today, his family would still be straight, it is unclear if it will remain an unreleased track or if it will be part of LUV is Rage 2, which could drop any day now. So stay tuned



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