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600 Breezy : Chronicles Of a Legend | Interview



Undeniably the uprising star of the drill movement, the 600 affiliated driller, 600 Breezy went throught a lot. While his body holds the stigmatas of those many wars, his drill holds their scriptures. Few are the ones who survived, and the bloodshed is still to this day an ongoing situation in Chicago. We had a chance to talk to him and here are his words.

First of all thanks for giving us a chance to know you better, can you introduce yourself for the profanes ?

A man of God that dont take no shit from no one, loyal father of 2 born and raised in Chicago South Side, The Ceo and founder of 600Cartel with many rap names, Breezo, Max Payne, Thotman Breezo, I am a student of hustling and thankful to make money from my hardship and pain from losing so many brothers to the streets.

Your lifestories’s spin offs have propelled you to the forefront of the drill scene and so has been your music. Can you walk us throught your woes.

L’a was outta here and his death was crazy Peoples was disrespecting him to build up so I took it on myself to diss back but I didnt know it would stick and effect the city but he deserve respect period.

Why talk about opps, go to youtube look up 600breezy and that era happened and now I am here. As for Drake, he is a music lover and eye for talent, he often played my music on OVO radio and we rock as homies, he is a very interesting person and has been through a lot too.

Sometimes, people think rappers ain’t bout that life, but he is on the road all the time and has to address any situation he can be confronted to on a daily basis. Like me, I went through some much on this street shit that I have a lot to say in my music.

The last video you released featuring Young Swav is straight fire, how deep runs your connection with New York’s factions ?

They rock with me and I definetly rock with NY Period I receive a lot of love and support, Young Swav is from Polo Grounds, in Harlem and we slid thru and still making rounds Salute to the Real and True.

Twenty two & nine have been behind bars for a while, both were found guilty of first degree murder, CDai has got 38 and Rondo could still face from 45 to life. You hold Tay responsible for their condemnations ?

No, he just played a unfortunate role that effected their case. don’t you fear that if anything would happen to him, you could be hold responsible for it and how different your lifestyle has been on a daily basis since their incarceration anything happen to Tay 600 wouldnt have anything to do with me, that statement he had to give against his brothers, probably makes him feel that nothing else could happen since he is locked up and assisted in their case.

I wish they all was in the studio and on a stage performing than being caught up in the alleged events, that i am not aware to what is true or not, beyond the news reports and court documents. I pray for the guys, and just want the Gods to set them free so we can make music and money period.

Drake have been f**king heavy with the chicago drill scene. First with Louie then Bibby and now you. Do you think the 6 god has been linking up beyond his love for the music, for protection & therefor uses chiraq’s violent reputation to its own benefit.

Hell No, Drake wants to see u win, he told me I could change and add positive twist to it if I got focused at the time I was just Hyped I reached his radar, but more and more I see his genius in see something in me before I did and others! He hustling and I am working on mine to be able to charge 500,000 a show for 60mins and hire my team and make them wealthy!

You released an album & a mixtape on the same day with a total of thristy songs. How do you explain the moves you make to keep promoting your craft and how do you position yourself in the music industry ?

My team is ran by my auntie and uncle are seasoned music industry consultant and I partner with Empire to distribute my music and I have Audible Treats as my Pr Team. With those combinations we are always planning and I am always recording, and learing my role as Ceo and artist & balancing it as a Father of two.

Fifteen for a featuring & twenty grand for a show can quickly add up and turn aspiring artist into money making machine. Buzzing out of NY, Gary Vaynerchuk, adresses hustle, investements and entrepeneurship. where do you see yourself in ten years and how would achieve your rise to the a million dollar empire ?

An example to my kids and my family, my neighborhood, and fellow hustlers, that the dream is real and its how you approach it, and handle it and most important maintain to pass down wealth, that i didn’t enjoy growing up. I own my first company now 600 Cartel and will have real estate , and invest in profitable moves to make sure my kids…

Would you have any advice for an upcoming artist who would like to make it in the rap game?

Have a seasoned team, have a plan, put God first, and let no one take money or opputunity away from your or ykur family. Be independent and have great partnerships with 3rd larties that empower your vision and brand.

Last but not least, what is up next for the Sixo Breezo in the upcoming months?

Leading Scorers Edition, Max Payne & a record for the ladies Thot Man Breezo.

ADDITIONNAL STORY  : The worst thing to me was being locked up when my first born was boy and I wasnt their to greet my son, & I told him when i got out that I will always be there and make a way, now I was in La when my second child was born and I ran to the airport to get to Chicago to make sure my daughter new she was loved by her Daddy and I let the world know I will cause a war over her too. The best industry story I have is my pops called my Auntie Rita Lee to tell me to stop Rapping and waiving all the Prop guns in my Videos, She had just got back from Germany I think and we linked and she said they was crazy and would help me become a successful, next thing I know I am the CEO of My own label 600Cartel signed a non exclusive distrubtion deal with Empire, by Ghazi then I am in austin texas on MYmixtapez stage making hiatory with 600, 300 & OTF right after Lil Bibby and GBHerbo just killed that shit, to On a couple Tour dates On the WestCoast with Fredo Santana, which was all love for the City, & then shit I was in Ny and my Uncle Tony Austin had me kicking with Kevin Liles and my savage ass did not even know who he was lmao, such a honor in hind sight. To me and my nigga young Swav shooting 6ixhunned that is now playing on BetJams, to fucking being asked to be on Drill King Cover! GOD IS GOOD! LIKE ANYTHING YOU MUST SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GREAT PEOPLE THAT WANT TO SEE YOU WIN AND YOU GOTTA WORK AND EARN THE RESPECT FROM THEIR

ADDITIONNAL STORY : Being from Chicago you are offered a lot of choices and some of the choices are somewhat survival based as a young man of color in the inner city of Chicago and some south suburbs like Harvey. We have to defend our family and friends and hood just like the military does for the Government and OUR COUNTRY, seeing your homies die right in front of you, and for me my nigga Dthang in my arms 2011, and it really did something to me, me and Fredo Santana was talking and we both said how weed helps us with PTSD, I cant even imagine what the soldiers overseas have to deal with, when motherfuckers are leaving bombs and got snipers and shit on your ass. I was a honor roll kid with a curfew at 8:30 weekday and 9:30 on weekends My Pops wasn’t for none of the bullshit, but I could get girls and all the fun happen when i came in …


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Tamar Braxton Breaks Silence On Suicide Attempt, Blames Reality TV



Tamar Braxton is finally speaking out about her recent hospitalization due to a suicide attempt this month.

The reality television star has been recovering from an alleged suicide attempt and, today, she confirmed the reports, claiming that her career in reality television pushed her to the edge.

“First and foremost, Thank you. Thank you to each and every individual who has prayed for me, thought of me, sent me their love and has showered me with their support,” said Tamar in her new message. She goes on to hope that her own experience can help somebody navigate their own hard time.

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“Over the past 11 years there were promises made to protect and portray my story, with the authenticity and honesty I gave. I was betrayed, taken advantage of, overworked, and underpaid. I wrote a letter over 2 months ago asking to be freed from what I believed was excessive and unfair. I explained in personal detail the demise I was experiencing. My cry for help went totally ignored,” she says, blaming the executives at WeTV. “However the demands persisted. It was my spirit, and my soul that was tainted the most.”

Her lengthy message explains all that she went through as a member of the entertainment industry and how it took a toll on her as a person. She concludes by saying that what happened on July 16 was her “attempt to end my pain and my life.”

Continue sending prayers, love, and positivity to Tamar Braxton.

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112 Singer Slim Talks Tupac & Biggie Tension After Vibe Cover



Two Emcees who became legends in the game before arriving at their fullest possibilities are Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. They were both taken from the world ahead of schedule because of firearm savagery, and while neither of their cases have been solved, there are a lot of conspiracy theories who killed them and why.

Speculation and gossip caused the two rappers to trash each other, yet after Tupac discharged his Biggie diss track “Hit Them Up,” 112 lead vocalist Slim made statements took a turn for Bad Boy signee.

We were on the road at that time and all we knew was there was places that we felt very comfortable being were not so comfortable anymore, ” Slim admitted during an interview on VladTV. ” Now, you have people actually thinking, you know, they’re picking sides. So, anything on the Westside of Chicago, you might want to keep your head don a swivel. We heard rumors where you couldn’t go out and certain things. It was just common sense, but we from the ‘hood, too.

During a past interview with Treach, the rapper stated that there were no “East versus West” beef until Vibe magazine released a cover of Diddy and Biggie with a caption that pitted the coasts against each other. Prior to that, everyone just thought Tupac had an issue with Biggie, while B.I.G. wasn’t trying to get into any verbal spat with his friend emphasize another media outlet

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Slim agreed. “Yes. It lit a flame to what’s already kinda brewing,” he said. “Not amongst the artists. That’s what’s crazy about this. At the time that was going on, we were doing shows with DPG. We never had a problem with anybody. We speak to Kurupt and Daz. That’s like family. Snoop [Dogg] was family. I was cool with the lead singer of The Outlawz, he used to come to the crib in Atlanta. We used to hang out.

The vocalist said that when everything went down between the two legends,it was like two best friends having a falling out and that everybody thought they would work things out. “I ain’t gon’ front. After that Vibe spread, what we needed to stress over were the fans and what they saw what it was. In case you’re stating east coast, west coast war, individuals are presently going to pick sides.”

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21 Savage Wishes He “Could Give Megan Thee Stallion A Hug”



More well-known figures are stepping ahead to vocalize their help for Megan Thee Stallion. The scandal concerning the Houston rapper and Tory Lanez keeps as their harrowing enjoy attracts heated debates.

It isn’t a great deal regarded approximately what certainly took place internal of the car Megan and Tory had been in while the Fever emcee become shot in each of her feet, however the incident ended in Tory’s arrest. Since that time, Megan Thee Stallion has launched short statements on social media announcing that a criminal offense become dedicated in opposition to her and she or he needed to bear surgical operation to have bullets removed.

July 27, she hopped on Instagram Live and shed tears as she spoke approximately persevering with to grieve her mother’s loss and convalescing from her injuries.

Angry enthusiasts released a petition asking for the rapper’s deportation to Canada and 50 Cent apologized publicly to Megan for sharing memes allegedly related to the shooting.

21 Savage presented his brief however candy message to his fellow rapper, as well, with the aid of using sending a tweet to Megan. “Wish I ought to provide Megan a hug praying for you,” he wrote, finishing his message with a coronary heart emoji. We’re positive many others echo his sentiment.

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