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600Breezy Featured On Drake’s ‘More Life’

Drake‘s last release ‘More Life’ took the Internet by storm since staurday. Placing a total of 18 songs of the 22 tracks from ‘More Life’ in the top 50 of Itunes charts worlwide. Obviously everyone wanted to hear what the Canadian rapper cooked for his fanatics. And while dissecting the lyrics, we couldn’t help but notice this familiar voice.

It’s no news that 600Breezy was close to drake camp, as they partied for his birthday last year in vegas and he confirmed it during our last Magazine interview.

We really didn’t expect, Chicago most wanted to have a skit on Drake’s last release. As we were listening to what is we believe the best song of the album, by the end of the track we heard that familiar voice promoting that 600 gang, and it was only right that it’d be The 6-o Breezo.

On top of it, in a recent interview with VladTV, Breezy made it clear that he really didn’t want to get too much exposure from the 6 god, as he wanted to build himself from the ground up.

“Six to six shit. 600 to 7-6, OVO, you know how we rocking. Shout out to my big brother Drizzy and More Life. Six to the world, gang shit,” says Breezy right before the track ends.



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Good Looking bro, 600gang forever. Go stream it now

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