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Baton Rouge Goons Rolled up 30 Deep At San Antonio To retrieve 22 Savage’s chain

This brand new hip hop beef will definitely go down in the history books. Up-and-coming comedian slash rapper 22 Savage was violated by San Antonio goons last as we priorly reported in the first sequel, as he was pulled off stage and had his expensive Travis James E.N.T piece relieved right off of his neck on may 19th.

The Goons who snatched it asked for a generous donation of 20 grand to get it back, and despite the set up claim that they only took it due to his disrespectful behavior.

But TJE’s Boss did not hear of it and decided he would show the tenderfoot thieves what he was made of as he allegedly rolled up, 30 deep at Chris P’s Aunts house to show them how serious he was.

Thirty of 22 Savage’s dudes paid a visit to Chris P’s aunt’s house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, saying that everything would be fine if her nephew would just gave up what is rightfully theirs.

From our vantage point, it was nothing more than a marketing stunt, that might end up worst than expected.

Usually, those stories benefit both parties for the following weeks until someone gets hurt or until the story dies out. But after Interviewing numerous person in connection with the situation, we can guarantee from verified sources that San Antonio goons aren’t the type of people to back down from street beef, and that things could turn ugly at any time.

Chris really didn’t like the move that they pulled, saying, “They’re some real killers in Baton Rouge, you ninjas some hoes. If we pull up something getting touched.”

he added that the“aunt” the goons approached isn’t really a relative and he still needs 20 grand for the chain.

Despite this show of force, Chris P decided to wear the stolen chain in a new Instagram video to taunt him.

Chris said that the theft and ransom is “for the city.” He believes that 22 Savage just didn’t give San Antonio the respect it deserved.

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