Drunk Billionaire Buys 10.000 Dollars Worth Of Yeezys For Kids Camping Out

Drunk Billionaire Goes Sneaker shopping and buys every kids camping out a pair of Yeezys. Zebras pirates, V2s, Oreos, Belugas, Turtle doves, you name it … 

A few days ago, we came across a vlog with the intriguing title ‘Billionaire goes sneaker shopping and buys everyone Yeezys‘ from A Sneaker Life and could not help but to click on the provoking thumbnail. An interesting title for a soon-to-be-popping video as the anonymous donator’s real identity will kindles people’s curiosity.

On a regular day in the streets of Milwaukee, there were people going to work early morning after filling out their tanks and drinking $1 coffee at the gas station, garbage trucks emptying out trashes leaving a smelly trail of rancid bin behind them and there was those ten students on holydays camping out at their local ‘buy sell & trade’ store for the coveted ‘$20 Bape, $20 Supreme $100 Off-White’ that would take place the next morning.

After long hours, patiently waiting on the curb , the intoxicated man walked into ‘Trstd Kicks’ store located on 532 N Water St in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and bought every kid camping out for the event a pair of shoes of their choice.

Even the owner of Trstd, Rico could not believe his eyes when he actually proceeds the payment.

Buying out on the whole Yeezy inventory and few other references, the unidentified man spoiled the grinding kids with ten thousand of dollars worth of resell priced shoes before going on a rant against Donald Trump telling: ‘he is a worthless piece of shit‘ and  that he is a successful capitalist who doesn’t mind to give back to the community.

Not much can be found concerning the generous donator, but we identified the New York based entrepreneur / investor real name is … Read more here

but who is the professed billionaire?

After digging once again the whole internet up for hours, we were able to verify his identity. The long-haired grunge-looking baller didn’t leave a clue behind him, except for this “@hellopaperspace” t-shirt which could have led us into thinking it was the company that led him into the-.1-to-the-.01 percent of the richest people on the planet. but no …

He is the co-founder of a company called Digital Ocean which  shouldn’t ring the bell but remember when Beyoncé caused a music industry firestorm by releasing her new album via her website and iTunes a full week before retailers like Amazon and Target could sell it? their servers were picked by Beyoncé’s web team to avoid any crash during the rush of visit because of our fast cloud servers. From his real name Jeff Carr, the Sneaker Santa or the kicks benefactor is not a registered billionaire but while we could not precisely estimate is net worth, just know that he is legit rich AF and despite the bragging about being part of the point 1 to point zero one percent he is a  wealthy dude.

He invested four million dollars of his personal fortune in the mentioned above start-up ‘Paper Space’ that provides a revolutionary new way to access limitless cloud computing resources, on any device back in October 2016 and was part of the DO company when they raised more than 32 million dollars from Andreessen Horowitz to take on AWS back in 2014.

But he is not only a successful entrepreneur who buys yeezys to random kids. We went deeper in the web search just to find out that he invested his money in the sneaker community too, which could have actually reminded him of the kicks community. He invested in Power Kicks, a charging device who powers up when you walk and store the electricity generated in a battery you can later use to charge your phone.

big round of applause for jeff, you made my day.

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