ChopSquad Lil Law : it’s Not Just a Phrase, It’s Law.

They say you should start strong and finish even stronger. When this phrase is used to analyze legends in the game, many of rap’s biggest icons realized they were destined to create powerful, thought provoking music from a very early age. Up and coming Midwest rapper Chopsquad Lil Law is no exception.

Raised Chicago, Illinois, Lil Law gained an appreciation for hip hop not through friends — but family. “My auntie was actually an upcoming rapper and she taught me how to rap.” Lil Law recalls. “Since then, I’ve been going ever since.”

A fast learner in the art of storytelling, Law chose to use his gift of gab to tell true street tales over melodic beats. Citing fellow Chicagoans Lil Durk and Chief Keef as inspirations to follow his dreams, fate was certainly at play when Law inked a deal with Chopsquad Records, headed by none other than star producer Young Chop (“I Don’t Like”, “Love Sosa).

With a tireless work ethic and a major co-sign at his side Chopsquad Lil Law says he’s ready to stake his claim in the highly competitive world of hip hop music. Although he admits he, like most rap newcomers, would love the spoils that come with mainstream success, there is a bigger vision on the horizon.  “I wanna inspire the youth.” He explained. “I also want the fame and the money … but I’m mature about the situation if it happens.”

Halfway through 2017, Law released his project, Sorry for the Wait that dropped June 23 and will drop Wraff Of Law 2 this August. As stated earlier, started strong is good but finishing strong is even better.

And for this rising rap star, it’s not just a phrase: It’s Law.

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