Chris Brown Shows Off The Most Insane Sneaker Collection We’ve Ever Seen On Complex Closets

Chris Brown takes Joe La Puma in an extensive tour of The Most Insane Sneaker Collection We’ve Ever Seen On Complex Sneaker series.

Chris Breezy is out for blood. Usually the media takes artists sneaker shopping in different popular outlet in New York, this time it was wasn’t necessary as Chris Brown gives the show’s host Joe La Puma a very extensive tour of his never-before-seen sneaker collection.

During the 9 minutes, the RnB superstar shows closet after closet his impressive collection of sneakers, including Supreme x nike Up-tempo that were first wore by Soccer superstar Neymar, talks about his love for Allen Iverson growing up and how he brought 1,000 pairs of shoes on tour.

Lately Skechers have been at the highest of its fame in the sneaker community particularly in for hypebeast, after getting sued by Nike and Adidas in the same year, the second-largest athletic footwear brand in America was taken down a peg or two during the tour as he would only wear them if they cut a check.

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