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Cortez Bryant Sues Cash Money For Contract Breach in Aspire/YME Agreement

Rap a lot Owner’s son, Jas Prince and Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez bryant are suing Birdman and Cash Money Records over money they claim they’re owed from Drake’s first six solo albums!

According to Court documents, Cortez Bryant on behalf of Aspire Music Group, claims that Drake entered in an exclusive artist agreement with them. which gave AMG the exclusive right to Drake’s services as a recording artist for at least six albums.

They then granted Drake’s services as way of a 2009 Aspire/YME agreement for a third of the total net profit from the commercial exploitation of the Newly signed Rapper and one third of copyright in and the apllicable master recordings from the album.

Since entering the agreement, The canadian Emcee became one of the most successful artist in the world with concert ticket selling like hot cakes on multiple continents alongside certified gold and platinium plaques.

Compounding theses breachess, in January 2013 CM induced Drake to break his exclusive agreement with the Mister Bryant’s music group and sign a competing recording deal with them, divesting Apire of its rights.

To be continued …

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