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Dj Khaled Is Apparently Up To Something Big !

DJ Khaled is apparently up to something really big, as he hinted on his Instagram account in the last hours. Spending the day with Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber and the Migos, the superstar Dj can’t refrain from telling the world about his next moves. Part of his marketing strategy, The Snapchat king who has been Bragging about his achievement, for … as long as we can remember isn’t ashamed by those quite embarassing situation where he repeating the same wording in every single sentence for over a year or like in the video down below, surrounded by the most popular and brillant artists of the momentto launch his new promotionnal campaign for ‘ GATEFUL ‘.

“Fan luv please I beg you keep this top SECERT !!! Secret !! Video !! SECERT anthem !!! GRATEFUL THE ALBUM COMING !! 🙏🏽🔑🙏🏽 stay tuned for the next pic please keep this top secret please !!! There one more icon missing from this pic yull see soon !! But please keep it top SECERT! #GRATEFUL THE ALBUM COMING ! #WETHEBEST! @wethebestmusic @epicrecords @rocnation” reads Khaled’s caption.

The song is called ‘the one’ with Bieber on the Hook and Scooter Braun behind the camera. The Cherry on the cake is Lil Wayne …

In another post Khaled includes the caption, “‪Fan luv I’m on #GRATEFUL album video set!We up to something !Top SECERT alert !Fan luv I’m going all out 🙏🏽🔑🙏🏽 top secret video /anthem.”

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