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Drake Stole The Show At BBMA 17, Lil Uzi Vert Smokes A Blunt With MGK During Céline Dion & More



Drake stole the show at the 20 17 Billboard Music Awards. His performance was hyped as memorable and astounding by the hosts while a pre-show rehearsal tipped off fans of where it will take place. The Canadian rapper delivered a fiery performance in the middle of the famed Bellagio fountain, Surrounded by water, Drizzy ran through his more life track ‘gyalchester with supreme confidence, the fountain’s geysers gushing out and fireworks exploding above him . Taking home 13 honors, surpassing Adele’s mark as the artist with the most BBMA wins in one night. The victory didn’t came as a surprise for an artist who utterly dominated 2016, shattering streaming records over and over again with the success of his album Views and its monster single “One Dance” featuring WizKid and Kyla.

After he was awarded, he launched into an epic speech that shouted out both hosts of the show, his Young Money partners and even shouted out his dad’s purple suit for evident reasons. The artist might even be getting himself a date, after hitting on co-host Vanessa Hudgens during his acceptance speech for winning Top Billboard 200 Album for Views.

Hudgens acknowledged that shortly afterward by asking if she was on the invite list for Drake’s afterparty.

but while accepting his trophy, his speech got cut short and was bleeped out on live television. Fans on Twitter were eagerly trying to find out what he said. After he thanked a last time his Dad and Lil Wayne, He quoted an idiom from someone in his entourage who told him :

“Life is like toilet paper,” he said while accepting his final award. “Either you’re on a roll, or taking sh-t from assholes.”

Lil Uzi Vert was also attending the Award show with shirt-partner Machine Gun Kelly, who rocked the same sweater that got uzi roasted for the past week.  during céline Dion’s performance of the titanic soundtrack “My Heart will Go On” both rapper blazed a massive blunt lyve on instagram.Also Interviewed by sway, theNowI do what I want rapper had time to address the situation but didn’t really answer while asked about the controversial shirt. On the contrary, lil uzi vert set the record straight and bought another 24 hundred dollars piece of garment from designer valentino, just to prove he does not give a single Fudge.

Just as a reminder the highly anticipated tape who hasn’t dropped yet due to Uzi’s 50 million weekly streams, making it unnecessary to be release and had law enforcement authorities in Pasco County springing to action after one student at Ridgewood High School threatened to shoot up his school because Lil Uzi Vert hasn’t dropped LUV Is Rage 2 yet.
Diddy also took the stage to pay tribute to The Notorious B.I.G. on what would have been the rapper’s 45th birthday and debuted the trailer for his upcoming Bad Boy Records documentary Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. “It all started with the Notorious B.I.G.,” Diddy said, referencing Bad Boy’s creation and the 500 million albums it sold over the past 20-plus years. “Big sold over 25 million records worldwide; his Ready to Die album, his Life After Death album, classics… Biggie was the best rapper I ever had the chance to work with. Watching him and seeing him work is something that words can’t explain.”

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n For School Shooting Threat


Bexey Previews Lil Peep Unreleased Trap Banger



What do you guys think, Heat or Not ??

Unreleased trap banger from Lil Peep.


Une publication partagée par BEXEY – PLANET SWITCHAZ (@bexeyswan) le

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TSA Agents Found Loaded Handgun In DJ Mustard’s Carry-On Bag



TSA agents allegedly found a loaded .22 semi- automatic handgun in DJ Mustard carry-on bag at LAX.

According to TMZ, the platinum producer was detained by cops at LAX after a TSA employee found a loaded, .22 semi-automatic handgun in a bag that went through the x-ray machine.

According to the reports, Law enforcement says DJ Mustard and his friend reportedly started walking away without the bag when they were tracked down by LAX police.

Questioned individually, Mustard was released as the airport CCTV footage revealed that the bag was carried by his friend who remains publicly unidentified.

We’ll keep you posted as thestory develops.


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Ski Mask The Slump God Cancels European Tour



Ski Mask the Slump God has had to postpone his European tour, due to unforeseen circumstances,

The reason behind the tour being canceled hasn’t been made official yet, but rumors of an arrest in England has often been referenced on social media.

The Very Rare rapper was set to perform a series of concert in Europe during December and we first saw canceled the Manchester show soon followed by the Paris concert.

The information was later confirmed by Yizzi, who was supposed to open for him across Europe.

First on his twitter then on his Instagram story. According to the English Emcee, the Floridian rapper flew back to United States without providing any reason to promoters.

This is Gorilla also confirmed it on their Twitter account:

Another Paris show has been confirmed for March 2018, but promotors have yet confirmed how they will refund customers.

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