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Facebook Confirms Rapper Lil B Has Been Banned for ‘Hate Speech’



It goes without saying that Lil B is a certified internet legend … a social media dinosaur and a Youtube triple OG. But Facebook has apparently banned the Berkeley rapper for the next month, temporarily cutting down his substantial online presence.

Motherboard reported that a Facebook representative confirmed that Lil B was temporarly banned from the platform for 30 days for violating the site’s hate speech policies and the offending posts were deleted from the his page.

On Sunday, Lil B tweeted that he was banned for “talking about white people” on the site. He normally posts multiple times a day on Facebook, but his page has been silent since October 4.

Lil B has been on a recent social media tear discussing, in blunt terms, complex issues about race in America. On Twitter and on Facebook, the rapper has recently called out everything from the double standards around visual codes for “threatening” and “safe” in society, to the legacy of slave ownership in the US. There’s no question that the Base God is mad, but throughout it all he’s peppered his critical posts with a message of love for everybody, no matter their skin colour.

Fans have been deeply divided in their reactions. Some have lauded Lil B for speaking so forcefully, while others bristled at what they perceived to be broad generalizations about white people. Facebook previously banned activist Shaun King for posting a racist message he received, but the company quickly removed the ban. Other prominent black activists, such as Didi Delgado and Ijeoma Oluo had also previously been banned by Facebook for their posts.

Facebook deleted the posts that incurred the 30-day ban before Motherboard could view them, and we’ve been unable to find archives or screenshots of them. (The Facebook rep wouldn’t specify the offending posts, citing user privacy.) Requests for comment to Lil B over Twitter and email weren’t immediately answered.

Regardless, with a Twitter following of more than one million people, Lil B will persevere. He’ll be back on Facebook in no time. It’s also not the rapper’s first tangle with the social networking giant—in 2014 he claimed to be banned for 30 days from Facebook for his posts.

More importantly, we still have Black Ken, Lil B’s triumphant 27-song mixtape from August. And for that, I have to simply say thank you, BasedGod.

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XXXTentacion Jailed After Being Charged With 7 New Felonies



According to reports obtained by TMZ, Jahseh Onfroy better known under his rap moniker XXXTentacion was sent to jail this morning, Friday, December 15, after prosecutors handed down seven additional felony charges related to his 2016 domestic violence case which include witness tampering and witness harassment.

Earlier this month, the defendant demanded for the charges to be dropped, which resulted in a delay of his trial. Following the investigation, prosecutors hold responsible Jahseh Onfroy of harassment against the ex-girlfriend who he was prosecuted of assaulting. Judge ruled that the Broward County rapper had violated initial arrest’s bond and with the added charges the 19-year-old emcee could face decades in prison.

In his last public posts on Intagram, the rapper shows his positivity against adversity and gives it all back to his fans and supporters:

We love you X.

Une publication partagée par DRILLKING MAG (@drillkingmag) le

“Doesn’t matter how dark it gets the sun will always come out again, and let the sun be a reminder to you that negative feelings and emotions shall pass. Let it be a reminder that you will outshine all that try to take you off your path. You are a star. You are divine. Your life is your own your purpose is yours to choose.” 

“And when the moon comes, come to terms with yourself, are you on your path? Do you deserve to rest? How much have you progressed, and when you have, look to yourself and thank yourself for becoming the person you want to be. Thank the moon for shinning her light in the darkness, day in, and day out.”

“I love you all, and no matter what, I will continue to and support you all, dead or alive. Seek out your path, your answers. Find yourself. I am here, with you, always.”

In fact, the Soundcloud sensation has took over the Hip Hop sphere in the last 18 months and kept the whole scene watching his every move.

we will keep you updated as soon that more information are available.

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Doug Jones Plays “Teach me how to dougie” After Winning Alabama Senate Seat



Cali Swag District’s Legacy lives on as Doug Jones Plays “Teach me how to Dougie” after winning the Alabama Senate seat over Republican candidate Roy Moore.

Democrat Doug Jones played the popular hit song “Teach Me How to Dougie” as he walked off the stage at a Sheraton Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama yesterday. Considering everything that was at stake, after Moore was accused of being sexual predator few weeks ago, the high-key battle for the soul of America means the good guys won the day.

Produced by https://twitter.com/RunwayStar, “Teach Me How to Dougie” was a commercial success, and peaked at number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100, recorded by Hip Hop group Cali Swag District.

Check out a clip of Jones playing “Teach Me How to Dougie” below.

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Gucci Mane Shares “El Gato The Human Glacier” Tracklist On Twitter



Gucci Mane’s upcoming album ‘El Gato The Human Glacier’ now has a tracklist. First announced back in October, allegedly to pay for the honey moon following his expensive weeding with his longtime partner, Kheyshia, the Trap God unveiled his the tracklist to his forthcoming project in the most unusual manner. Writing each song in its own individual tweet, the Zone 6 rapper finallized the broadcast announcing it for December 22nd.

Entirely produced by Southside from the 808 Mafia, 21 Savage will be the only guest on the follow-up to Mr. Davis, which dropped in October.

INTRO: Just Like It feat. 21savage

  1. Rich Ass Junkie
  2. Peepin Out The Blinds
  3. Dickriders
  4. Mall
  5. Side Effects
  6. TYT
  7. Sea Sick
  8. Smiling In The Drought
  9. El Gato’s Revenge
  10. Strep Throat
  11. Southside and Guwop

OUTRO: Off The Boat

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