Find Out Who Is The Mysterious Girl From Tyga’s Viral Meme Collection ?

She  who is the mysterious girl from Tyga’s viral meme collection ?

Her name is Jodan Ozuna and she’s modeled in Kanye West’s shows, admits to being ‘obsessed’ with Kim Kardashian, and bears a striking resemblance to the Last King ex girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

1. She’s used to date justin bieber :  Jordan Ozuna, 22, is a Maryland transplant living in Las Vegas who Bieber was spotted smooching during a recent trip to Sin City.

2. She used to work at Hooters. Though Ozuna has since moved on to work at Las Vegas night club The Light Vegas, she still likes to represent her love of Hooters in Twitter and Instagram photos.

3. She really Enjoys taking selfies. Especially when she’s in skimpy outfits. Maybe she and Bieber bonded over his love of posting shirtless pics?

4. She stays fit by doing barre. Did you really think Bieber would date someone who’s not a total babe? Ozuna has a great body, and she tweets that she maintains it by going to Vegas’ thebodybar(re).

5. She’s acted, but she doesn’t want to be a model. According to her mother-in-law, Ozuna moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in modeling, and has acted in a “couple commercials” — but Ozuna tells a different story. “I don’t want to model. Nor have I wanted to in almost two years,” she tweets.

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