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FTP Pop Up Show Turns Into Riot As Cops Show Up



FTP x FUCT Camp Out turns into a riot after police show up.

For their latest installement, owners of the infamous streetwear brand FTP and FUCT made some noise. Zac remains an enigmatic figurehead since he first entered the underground world of streetwear,both with his charisma and discretion but however trying to put a label on him would be to miss the boat completely.

While his identity remained concealed, and the only interview he did was with Adam 22 of No Jumper, the largely-acclaimed “Streetwear boss” has steadily built up his street cred as the reference when it comes to fashion activism, slogan and pretty much pissing your teachers and parents off, with a now quite reckless thought process which led to some of his designs such as the outrageous Ben Laden Tee or the Columbine inspired tee to be banned from schools.

During the past weeks, teams of both brands have sped up the pace to put the finishing touches on the most anticipated drop of the summer. A back to school capsule collection, confident enough to be dropped during Supreme’s first Week drop.

As Los Angeles Gallery/Pop-Up-for-hire ‘Start‘ team was also gearing up for the FTP x FUCT‘s latest capsule collection last saturday. To ensure that everything went well owners of both brands took every precaution possible concerning loitering, food and security prior to the event, so it doesn’t end up like the canceled pop-ups to the ‘Supreme x Louis Vuitton’ collection, that failed to correctly sort out logistical hazards in relation to the camp-outs.

And as expected, on Friday afternoon, the massive camp-out began with fans from all states gathering up in a of a mile long line, organized, happy, and yet exited.

The event, which is a must in the underground community, went smoothly as the brand’s fanatics started to line up in front of building all the way down to Winchell’s House until they were later parked inside the venue’s parking lot.

After a long night of patience, self-restraint and, of course, a few bottle of liquor later , the sun rose and few hours later, at 10am the sanctuary opened its door to the sheep .


Inside the Pop-up.

The Pop-up with the now coeval curated style that defines it better, turned into the gold mine fans expected.

Especially, with the Barbara Krueger inspired box logo tee ‘Fight crime; buy a gun.’ endorsed by FUCT & FTP as the drop’s main slogan, yet a wink at supreme as streetwear mainstay are, nowadays, gaining more and more recognition in the fashion industry.

One of the most outstanding pieces was the incense holder that was going for the modest sum of $275, a Beelzebub sculpted head with the engraved sentence ‘ FUCK THE POPULATION, Made in Hell’, that you’ll be able to purchase along with the whole collection for the online release tomorrow (sept 2nd) at 12 PST.


Free ticket for $uicide Boy$ Concert

But the craziest part of the drop was the free ticket to the night show, a private showcase with performance from $uicide Boy$, Yung Gleesh, Germ and where Chief Keef was supposed to perform too but turned out to be a no show.


But how could they expect that ?

the brand which literally stands for ‘Fuck The Population‘, somehow comparable to a kind of Supreme but for an Al-quaïda offshoot, could not have expected that their fans would have breed this much animosity toward law enforcement officers.

Heated up by the performance of the FTP’s human incarnation which goes by the name of ‘$uicide Boy$’ , the lined up kids who quietly waited early that day, quickly turned into irreverent rioters unlike regular hypebeasts that are generally a tame and obedient species, who just need their dose of extremely coveted – slash – super limited pieces and would not break the rules afraid of reprisals.

It didn’t really go as planned and 2270 Venice Boulevard turned into a scene from the nineties movie ‘Escape from L.A.‘ with Kurt Russell where L.A. became an autonomous island where undesirables are deported. After a first cop pulled up to tell the organization to shut it down, an unidentified concertgoer took his chance to enter the hall of fame and threw a beer at the cop cars yelling ‘ BoonkGang, Whole Lotta Gang Shit’ – and that’s pretty much when shit went left.

As most of the concertgoers were parked in the private parking lot of the venue, a fair amount of other that didn’t get that lucky had to wait behind the fence on the sidewalk. Part of the show, the unimprovised stage to the New Orleans-based duo, $lick $loth and Ruby da Cherry better known as $UICIDEBOY$, a painted cop car proudly displaying a grafitti-lettering of both brands initials on each side, soon turned into a ramming vehicule to piss police officers off.

Pushing the makeshift stage the cops way after breaking the windshield, the officers didn’t even lift a finger to do anything about this situation. It is apparently safer to be a rich kid, lining up for a $150 sweater who acts recklessly than to sell cigarettes which could get you chocked to death by dirty cops.

Photos & source : Ronnie Ray

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