How Did Yung Lean Drops Two EPs & a Single Without Media Noticing

Yung Lean Drops Two Projects and a single under his jonatan leandoer127 moniker while people and media pay no heed.

No racism intended, this first came as a surprise that the pale white Swedish Emcee could have even pretended to a spot in the American Hip Hop community at first, but along the years only few will deny the impact of his legacy.

It is a fact that Jonatan Leandoer Håstad better known by his stage name Yung Lean was a visionnary genious whose career apparently resulted in every act we have seen emerged this year. From the Pump to the Cole Benneth directed videos, even when you hear certain XXXTentacion’s songyou can’t deny  his influence such he is a pionner in the genre.

However with years passing by, we had the chance to learn a little more about the real person behing Yung Lean’s character, and with a cult following his every move we can’t believe the Stockholm weirdo was able to release two projects and a single without noone noticing.

And until a Reddit sub users of R/Hiphopheads pointed out that he released two projects and a single under his real name the media didn’t even battle an eyelash. what is even crazier is that media outlet still consider the Psychotic Ballads  was released this year when it was actually sold out on cassette for 7 euros back in 2016 through a mysterious market place specialized in slanging tape called Antiparty Music.

The viral enigma we all deemed as an internet curiosity or worst a probable algorythme mistake from Youtube has still got a lot to teach us when it comes to promotion, as the silence also became his best marketing tool.

What is highly appreciable is that these two EPs ‘Psychotic Ballads‘ and ‘Ktala‘, get a life of their own as he didn’t use his huge network as Yung Lean to promote it. And this has no price … Enjoy the new Jonathan Leandoar127 which facebook page is still an underground jewel noone has mined out yet.



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