How To Avoid Getting Scammed On Paypal

According to Dj Booth, Ronny J Listenup scammed a rapper of his hard earned $550, for four beats that were never sent his way. Here is a recap of what went down and how to avoid getting Finessed on Paypal. 

Ronny J Listenup is actually kind of a big deal in the industry, behind some of the biggest hits in the underground scene such as ‘Ultimate’ from Denzel Curry, Rich Chigga’s ‘Gospel‘ Ft XXXtentacion & Keith Ape, the 24 year-old producer is getting a lot of heat as he allegedly finessed a wannabee rapper going by the name of SNRKLR.

I wasn’t listening to any underground rappers at the time but that lead me to listen to more of the underground scene,” Guerrero told Booth via email.

After listening to the ‘Ultimate‘ track, SNRKLR reached out to South Jersey producer, who shared sell-offs on his twitter account, via email inquiring how much it would cost him to purchase a handful of beats.

After talking for a bit, both parties allegedly came to the agreement of four beats for $550. Nothing was wrong until he proceeds the payment.

Few things you need need to know about this industry

There is something to know about producers, they have massive egos as they spend most of their time locked in a room plotting on their next production which ‘will’ take off. So, when they nail it, they feel like the million Dollar producer they deserve to be which gets them in a zone where it become almost impossible to talk to them and get a beat such prices went up.

On the other hand, when the pressure releases, they start to lose that confidence. Like the adrenaline rush created by such fulfillment was slowly fading away, almost like they were forgotten. That’s when the social flood starts. Losing all confidence, the producer wants to get this feeling of the money entering his bank account so he bargains his ‘fame’ on twitter to ‘lure’ people to buy from him. Which is what he was about to do until he flips again and it often happen right after you find the agreement. This can also happen if he considers that your music doesn’t complement his career or just because he was just purely trying to take advantage of you.

Once the payment is sent, the remittance acts like a confidence booster which launch him back into a schizophrenic little world of stardom, where his talent was a badly haggled and should not been sold for this cheap.

Usually a well-known producer will ask you for at least $500 minimum A beat and not $550 for the bundle.

Paypal therefor acts like the judge of the transaction, until you proceed your payment as ‘Friend & Family’, what SNRKLR did … There is no turning back from F&F payment, no refund, no claim, no nothing, no nada …

On top of him getting away with future tax evasion, you just granted him the right of scamming you if he wants to …

How not getting scammed on Paypal

If you don’t want to get scammed on paypal, send half of the money before you get the order in and the other half once you received it. Never send any ‘Friends & family’ payment, be careful of ego tripping artist in the industry, check their relationship with other customer and if everything went as planned.

For example, the beat duo known as MPC Cartel is quite famous for doing paid collaboration which they always proceed and even try to get you placement with legit artist such as Soulja Boy …

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