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Is Meek Mill The Last Casualty Of America’s Fetish For Incarceration?



Philly rapper Meek Mill is currently serving a two to four-year jail sentence for allegedly violating his probation stemming from a decade-old gun and drug case.

From Trayvon Martin to Eric Garner, Meek Mill is an extension to the fight for justice when it comes to the countless number of citizens who have been victimized by the justice system for supposed probation violation ranging from minor to meager acts as America’s fetish for incarceration is a national disgrace.

Back in 2008, Robert Rihmeek Williams better known in the Hip Hop scene as Dream Chaser’s CEO and MMG signee under the moniker of Meek Mill was convicted on charges of possession of guns and drugs by Genece Brinkley, the very same Judge who found him guilty of violating his probation agreement. He served 8 months in prison and was then placed on probation for five years.

Rapper Meek Mill, center, accompanied by his defense attorney Brian Mcmonagle. Matt Rourke / AP file

This probation was later extended and could find himself in jail for allegedly getting into an altercation at an airport and reckless endangerment & Driving on a dirt bike in New York City which are more likely to be dismissed.

While most of the charges held against him have been dismissed or are related to an old probation, it goes without saying that the list of offenses that the rapper was held responsible for goes on and on. In the past eleven month, we have relayed six articles reading that Meek is accountable of violence on Nicki Minaj’s ex boyfriend Safari, hold responsible for the death of two after a concert by victims, the airport altercation and the reckless driving on a dirt bike more recently.

Nevertheless, Reverend Al Sharpton’s arguments on the perpetual circle of imprisonment, resulting of the combination of the abusive power of judges coupled with broken parole system remains interesting and surely generates a vicious mechanism that keeps Americans incarcerated, but can we hold felons, victims of the crimes they commit and on top of it bringing up cases like Martin and Garner? or does a multi-millionaire behave like a thug whenever he feels like? surely not!

Do innocent people have to rot behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit while the highest authorities in the Hip Hop sphere waste the medias and judicial system’s attention because a thirty-year-old recidivist keep on living a life of crime just to re-up his street credibility?

Don’t you know better, meek?








Coming from East flatbush, Brooklyn, such as Busta and Joey badass, the young rapper named Ackquille Pollard grew up, in the apartment complex off 139 East 53rd Street, on the outer reaches of Clarkson Avenue. Youngest in his brother’s crew, he was rumored of selling crack since the fifth grade.

Raised by a single mother, their father was incarcerated on first degree murder charges since bobby was two month old and sentenced to life. the shmurderer he grew up with were the ones he will create GS9 with. But his carrer trajectory semms to aim in the same direction Keith Kozart’s was heading toward since day one. And this can’t be accepted by the community. Since The devellopment of the infatuation for drill music, Many behaviors have changed. increasing violence among the community, and causing the lure of easy financial gain to became the main cause of it’s expansion, Chicago’s drill mouvement has evolved as a malignant tumor among teenagers and maintained his notoriety through throught an upsurge of violent crimes.



Let’s rewind to really understand, what led to his incarceration. the main reason to this devellopment was largely assisted by Warner Bros, throught Waka Flocka Flame and with Def Jam Throught Rick Ross that participated in the break throught of Trap music as the new main musical trend in Hip Hop. In 2012, after few adjustements, despite Trap’s classics have been produced in his early days ( e.G : Hard in the Paint )a new breed of producers emerged and heeded the medias, giving the industry a 360 degree control of his communication on each promotionnal level of their musical process. Combining to it every major uprising act’s musical content, building their new agenda toward the same composition scheme, you pretty much cooked yourself a new musical courant. they built credibility on drug and gang orientated imagery with bleak, gritty and belligerent lyrical content.

the most Massive take over, the scene, had gone through to this day. A global renewal of this old recipe we call hip hop Gigantic amount of cash were generated and this has, unfortunately, not occurred without the covetousness of a few. Since artists have been able to showcase their talent on the web and created a PROLIFIC buzz for themselves. A shortfall for major record companies that only option to counter this loss by signing big checks to those uprising stars. Making a business model out of, Chief Keef, who signed a 6 million dollar contract for three album. Youngster started getting more active in theirgang to get this credibility they crave for and turn into the thoughest act in Chiraq.
Whether either opinion is based on lyrical content or real gang affiliation, the alleged charged related to his incaceration doesn’t make more sense than other many youngster’s ones filling up jails this days. And the money they want up front to bail him out is exagerated .

But we have to be pragmatic – THIS KID – WILL NEVER GET OUT OF JAIL, The society has to make an example of this type of kids who became highly influencial only with the wrong content,the states can’t let emerged another drill type movement in a different city and let it dictate war through the streetBut don’t get me wrong it is not the art, the problem but Its tenet of disconnecting real life with rap life.

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