Who is the Kid Trunk ?

Who is the asian kid with XXXtentacion ?

Very little was known until now about underground rapper Kid Trunks A.k.a Yungboitrunks as the south Floridian resident has kept very low profile for the time being but here is everything you need to know about him.

First off as many other underground rapper his affiliation and connection to other artists have played a major part in legitimazing his presence in the underground scene. Affiliated to XXXtentacion & Ski Mask, the young rapper has laced tracks with Korean Taste Maker Keith Ape from the Cohort, Robb Banks and many more.

As far as we are concerned we first heard off Stokeley throught his major collab with the Korean rapper, which led us to follow his ass like a bunch of mad syphilis infected groupies, that’s why we consider Keith Ape the Soundcloud underground rapper A&R.

Part of the Members Only tour last year, the asian rapper has kept working on his music causing him to hold on to its release and pushing it back due to perfectionnism.

He is Currently on tour with XXXTentacion

Who is Kid Trunk ?

Kid Trunks : Kid trunks was a kid that went to high school, everybody was sleepin on Kid Trunks. The kid before Trunks was a nerd I guess, was a high school geek. Honestly, Trunks is a sixteen years old kid and 2017 is going to be a really big year. 

What is Vr ? 

Kid Trunks : Very rare is a group of homeboy that was rappin n s**t, that was just me and my n****s that went on for year before we started taking things serious. I’m not currently in V.R. right now and Members Only, but that’s family forever I got that s**t tatted on me for life. But I’m still cool with everybody in V.R., I’m just trynna focus on myself.

What is Member Only ? 

Kid Trunks : Members only is my boy X’s group, with s**t load of people. We had 32 members with people out of state and out the country, so we could like network properly. And a year passed and I guess there is no Member Only anymore as for right now but there could be a volume three dropping soon.

What is coming next for Kid Trunk ? 

Kid Trunks : The plan is to get as big as possible in the streets of south Florida and take over the underground.

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