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Lil Peep’s Brother Heartbreaking Confessions & Fans Disillusions



The news of Lil Peep’s death affected fans around the world, igniting multiple conversations on addiction and mental health related topics, but for Karl Åhr, his older brother, there was more to the rapper than his narcotic abuse and the character he portrayed to the public.

‘I know him as well as I can know him, but who do you know even when they’re right in front of you.’

Lil Peep, whose real name is Gustav Åhr died at the age of 21, on November 15 just before his scheduled show in Tucson, Arizona due to a drug overdose. Karl who also goes by Oskar exclusively told PEOPLE that the pill were laced with an unknown chemical substance, believed to be fentanyl, which accidentally caused his death:

“We heard that there was some sort of chemical substance he didn’t expect to be in, he thought he could take it, but didn’t realize what it really was.”

Seeing this as being beyond doubt, the 21-year-old rapper didn’t intentionally end his life and his brother confirmed to the media outlets that he was at a point in his life where he was not struggling anymore but was actually kind of happy:

“It was an accident, it really was an accident. He was super happy with where he was in life.”

The rapper who was well-known for his heavily referenced drug lyrics, lately addressed his battle with depression and drug abuse but while he acknowledges that they went through their share of dark times growing up, mainly due to an absent father figure, Oskar doesn’t forget to remind us that the sadness Peep depicted was part of the character he created.

“It makes me laugh to think about the days we watched WWE together but [Peep] mentioned how being a hip-hop artist is like being a pro-wrestling character. You have to be an actor,” Oskar says. “He gets paid to be sad. It’s what he made his name on. It’s what his image was in a sense.”

But the disillusionment grows as no one seems to realize his character was shaping reality leading the Rockstar to his fateful day. The schizophrenic relationship between Gus and Peep, the double life he was like Jim Carrey brilliantly puts it in ‘The Great Beyond”:

“Andy Kaufman came in to turn reality on its head and not stop when the cameras stopped […] it was necessary to stay in the character […] when the movie was over I couldn’t remember who I was anymore, so you step through the door not knowing what’s on the other side. What’s on the other side is everything.”
It’s easy to draw the line between reality and fiction, but for how long? What will happen when the two starts merging and reality gets back at you? When the fiction you created becomes the reality?

His reputation when it comes to drug use and Oskar blames the hip hop industry, for setting drug abuse as a standard and putting pressure on artists to portray a certain image.

“My brother didn’t take six Xanax pills every day, but he would take them and then post on Instagram about it. I wish it would have paid for him to be a little safer, but the world needed him to have superlative problems that he dealt with in superlative ways. Gus dealt with these problems much better than Lil Peep did, but people didn’t know Gus, and that’s the reason why Gus doesn’t sell.”

“I hope there is some focus on drugs like Xanax and pills, in general, and the potential for them being laced, but I hope it isn’t too much associated with how people remember him.” 

The benzodiazepine drug has lately seen a rise in popularity in the rap scene with a new generation of teenager pushing the limits of what is achievable physically. Artists like Lil Xan made it a lifestyle and was struggling with a streptocus which had him spend days at the hospital and forced him to cancel few tour dates.


In the future, Oskar hopes to put out some of Peep’s unreleased music that he collaborated with his friend and should release soon the highly anticipated collaborative album with rapper ILoveMakonnen.


Rumors of a Supreme x Rolex Collaboration Spread On the Web



Rumors spread on the web of a possible Supreme x Rolex Collaboration for 2018.

After the release of their most anticipated drop of the year and the last chapter to their FW17 collection dropping Thursday, Supreme bags headlines once again as rumors spread that they are in talk with Rolex for a 2018 collaboration. However, according to SC, a Rolex PR/Sponsoring representative currently denies a collaboration.

As for their first attempt to do unauthorized Louis Vuitton items, Supreme took the liberty to customize Submariners that boasts the “F**K EM” slogan back in 2013. The unauthorized limited edition wristwear was rumored to have been only a friends and family release, with just 20 units being produced selling for between $10,000 and $12,000 which were last seen for $50,000 on Stadium Goods in December 2015.

While this is a venture The Carlyle Group would be keen to see happening, there is no actual proof of such a collaboration but the streetwear mainstay has always kept its cards well-hidden and so who knows.

We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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Bexey Previews Lil Peep Unreleased Trap Banger



What do you guys think, Heat or Not ??

Unreleased trap banger from Lil Peep.


Une publication partagée par BEXEY – PLANET SWITCHAZ (@bexeyswan) le

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TSA Agents Found Loaded Handgun In DJ Mustard’s Carry-On Bag



TSA agents allegedly found a loaded .22 semi- automatic handgun in DJ Mustard carry-on bag at LAX.

According to TMZ, the platinum producer was detained by cops at LAX after a TSA employee found a loaded, .22 semi-automatic handgun in a bag that went through the x-ray machine.

According to the reports, Law enforcement says DJ Mustard and his friend reportedly started walking away without the bag when they were tracked down by LAX police.

Questioned individually, Mustard was released as the airport CCTV footage revealed that the bag was carried by his friend who remains publicly unidentified.

We’ll keep you posted as thestory develops.


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