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Lil Pump Finally Release Official ‘Gucci Gang’ Videoclip



Lil Pump has finally release the official videoclip to his chart breaking song Gucci Gang.

After weeks in the Billboard top 100 siting at 46 and now at the 32nd position, the Gucci Gang single which had tons of fan made videoclips finally gets its own official music video.

Before I dropped out of Harvard 🌟

Une publication partagée par Lil Pump Jetski (@lilpump) le

About two weeks ago, Pump shared this picture standing next to a tiger which is part of the video. In the videoclip, you can see the EESSKKEEEDITTT rapper walking with confidence down the corridor of what could have been his old high school.

In the Ben griffin directed music video, the young Floridian rapper ironically pulled up on the parking lot of the high school, in a Eurocar rented lamborghini. Dressed up in a Gucci jacket with the matching frames, the flossing emcee renamed the building ‘GucciGangHigh’ for the event.

After few close-up shots of pretty girls that were invited for the occasion and an actual tiger, Pump gets into his verse. Surrounded by few good friends such as Destodubb in the back ( That’s an awful lot of cough syrup creator ), the rapper revisit the basic high school concepts such as a the dance contest and lean trolley. And the free smoke policy, which will allow you to blaze one during the break.

As we go deeper in the general mood set by the visionnary rapper, weed isn’t taboo and displayed pound after pound in massive ziplocked bags in the corridor of the high school and on top of an expensive black bentley coupe.

At one point, the outdoor lunch area turns into a food fight while the rapper pies a nerd in front of the popular chicks.

Weirdly enough his pal’s branded sweater has been blurred by the editing team which makes us wonder if the ‘money over everything’ mind state could lead to, the rapper unplugging potential clothes sale … Let us know what you think in the comment section down below

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Lil Peep Death Confirmed By Fellow Rapper Bexey



Lil Peep died at age 21 last night after overdosing on Xanax. The confirmation from fellow rapper bexey just came in. The English emcee found his gothboiclique friend Lil Peep in his tour bus who reportedly passed away in his sleep.

@bexeyswan Live IG story. Peep look dead here? @lilpeep -_- #fuckman #rip #lilpeep #bexey #bexeyswan

Une publication partagée par No Limits. ( le

Earlier today, Lil Peep popped 6 xannax and told his fans he wasn’t even sick. After his show, the rapper went back to his tour bus and felt asleep. He was found asleep by Bexey, who joked around for a minute on his IG story before he realize that peep was unanimated.

In the video the English emcee first reported that his GBC brother died. According to the video, he was filming him snoring, and then left the room when he came back the rapper was dead allegedly due to a large consumption of #xanax .

General opinion and fans are currently putting him on blast for sharing the video of peep’s death.

All our prayers go to his friends, family and fans. R.I.P lil peep.

Lil Peep’s Fans Identify Girl That Allegedly Sold Him Fentanyl Laced Xanax & Are After Her

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XXXTentacion Claims He Was Jumped By Migos Entourage



XXXTentacion keep on fighting or getting jumped on a daily basis. Earlier this week he was punched by an unidentified man and was yesterday allegedly jumped by Migos entourage. Trying to surround himself with positivity lately, Karma has been a b***h and doesn’t seems to give any rest to the ‘Look at me‘ rapper.


Footage has been released of #XXXTentacion & #Migos fight 😳👀

Une publication partagée par DRILLKING MAG (@drillkingmag) le

the rapper who has been discreet for the past weeks on social media uploaded a series of videos on his IG Account concerning his altercation with the Atlanta trio. In the video series, the Broward County Emcee claims he was jumped by Migos entourage while walking out of a Los Angeles Hotel. X also claimed the rap trio pulled a gun on him.

In the extensive rant down below, the rapper goes in on the rap trio who allegedly stabbed him in his knee cap and brutally jumped him which resulted in a bruise on his nose and a lump on the side of his right check:

“They jumped me, nobody gave the respect of a one-on-one. […] This 35 years-old n**** are straight p***y and they are scared. I’m just letting you all know, that I’m a man before anything, and I am going to take my f***ing ass-beating like a man, n****, and I’m going to carry myself like a man. […] This does not affect me, and you are going to lose money a lot of money with me […] Thank you for the free Clout.”

An old feud could have led to this scuffle, as Offset threaten the rapper back when he was beefing with Drake and on his side X threw shots at the Migos for dissing SahBabii.

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Two Killed Before Cousin Stizz Performance Inside Venue



Atlanta Police confirmed there was two dead and two injured after the shooting occurred at The Masquerade Venue last night, Sunday November 12, right before Atlanta rapper Cousin Stizz performed.

According to NME, an argument broke out within the crowd attending the concert, which soon led to the shooting. Two people have been killed after the unidentified concertgoer opened fire in the venue before the Dorchester rapper hopped on stage.


In a tweet, the 25 years-old emphasized his concerns regarding the tragic event:

“Completely heartbroken. Before I hit the stage in Atlanta tonight, there was a shooting in the crowd, two people died and two others were injured. I have always called my show family reunions because they’re never anything but fun, safe, good vibes and positivity. I’m in shock and at a loss of words for the senseless violence. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.”

The rapper recently dropped a videoclip to his “Headlock” single featuring Migos member Offset.

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