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Lil Pump Finally Release Official ‘Gucci Gang’ Videoclip



source site Lil Pump has finally release the official videoclip to his chart breaking song Gucci Gang.

After weeks in the Billboard top 100 siting at 46 and now at the 32nd position, the Gucci Gang single which had tons of fan made videoclips finally gets its own official music video.

Before I dropped out of Harvard ?

Une publication partagée par Lil Pump Jetski (@lilpump) le

About two weeks ago, Pump shared this picture standing next to a tiger which is part of the video. In the videoclip, you can see the EESSKKEEEDITTT rapper walking with confidence down the corridor of what could have been his old high school.

In the Adobe RoboHelp 10 best price Ben griffin directed music video, the young Floridian rapper ironically pulled up on the parking lot of the high school, in a Eurocar rented lamborghini. Dressed up in a Gucci jacket with the matching frames, the flossing emcee renamed the building ‘GucciGangHigh’ for the event.

After few close-up shots of pretty girls that were invited for the occasion and an actual tiger, Pump gets into his verse. Surrounded by few good friends such as  Destodubb in the back ( That’s an awful lot of cough syrup creator ), the rapper revisit the basic high school concepts such as a the dance contest and lean trolley. And the free smoke policy, which will allow you to blaze one during the break.

As we go deeper in the general mood set by the visionnary rapper, weed isn’t taboo and displayed pound after pound in massive ziplocked bags in the corridor of the high school and on top of an expensive black bentley coupe.

At one point, the outdoor lunch area turns into a food fight while the rapper pies a nerd in front of the popular chicks.

Weirdly enough his pal’s branded sweater has been blurred by the editing team which makes us wonder if the ‘money over everything’ mind state could lead to, the rapper unplugging potential clothes sale … Let us know what you think in the comment section down below

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