Lil Skies Might Be Next Up, But Was Certainly Not Last In

The 18-year-old Shippensburg University student has been rapping since he was 4, and his hard work is starting to pay off. The local rapper opened for nationally-known artist Fetty Wap at SU last October.

Kimetrius Foose better know in by his stage name Lil Skies is starting to emerge on a nationnal scale since the release of his latest single ‘Red Roses‘ Featuring Landon Cube. But He is might be next up but was certainly not last in. You only need to dig in his soundcloud and realize that he has been mastering the Ay-rap his own way. The Alone tape is just pure delicacy for the ears.

Announced as the artist you will hear about, he has recently been making serious moves in the industry. Linking with major public figures in the industry, he has got a lot of love from our favorite ginger head, CUFBOYS via his Youtube channel and social media and he also has reached out to No Jumper‘s boss, Adam 22 and is most definetly getting all that clout.

Inspired by his father who used to do music, Lil Skies would force himself to write for hours and started to let his real emotion take over his music which explain his current success.

On the music side everything is just on point, the delivery, the flow, the voice and harmonization. Instrumentals are refreshing.

However this point out to a very particular trend in the game … who will find the next hot thing. And we could easily come to the conclusion that the battle, we are part of, including other medias such as No Jumper, Lyrical Lemonade and CufBoys for what’s next is really a thing.

Weeks after Trippie Redd emerged and went viral in a matter of days, the importance of media outlets is more than ever a crucial part of defining who will be tomorrow’s bad seeds.

If you want to join the battle, get in touch with us, submit your content and we will be more than happy to share it.

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