Lil Uzi Vert apparently spent $2,400 for his controversial striped shirt.

Rappers have been at the center of controversial topic of conversation in the past decade, with outfits such as Lil B, Young Thug and Jayden Willis pushing the boundaries of androgyny.

This past week, after a photo emerged of Lil Uzi Vert wearing a striped ripped shirt with his shoulder exposed & carrying a goyard bag like a purse surfaced online (see above). Many people took to social media to roast the Philadelphia rockstar for his eclectic style, including Tyrese, but Uzi ain’t phased by it. In fact, Uzi loves that shirt and actually paid $2400 for it he says.

#liluzivert said he was paid $2,400 to wear the shirt 👚 he went viral wearing #djbo0

Une publication partagée par Bootv (@djbo0) le

On Tuesday, Uzi was spotted driving away from a crowd when a female fan told him that she liked the shirt & thought it was “cute.” Uzi then respnoded by letting her know the shirt’s price tag, which he say was again $2,400.

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