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Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Luv Is Rage 2’ Deluxe Review



One of the most prominent release of this year, Lil Uzi vert’s music was just decent until he dropped XO TOUR Llif3. Youth’s favorite artists, the Philly artist grows on listener more and more with every listen and it’s just a great album.

It’s also crazy how Uzi keeps the concept of his projects similar, with this probably being the ending of his whole “Brittany” project series starting with “Luv is Rage”, of finding her, fighting for her, having her, and losing her.

“Two®” is the sonical logic second sequel to ‘P’s & Q’s’ with its airy accordion melody, and Two® meaning reference directly rap’s large lexical field with the attributes of success such as the double R, which is the Roll Royce. Intro to the project which perfectly bridge with “444+222” which is one ‘hell’ of a conceptual song.

Jay-Z is name-checked in the song. 444 come as a reference to Jay Z 13th’s album 4:44 as the Def Jam took shot at the rapper in his ‘Marcy Me‘ track: “Hold a Uzi vertical, let the thing smoke”, referencing to longevity in the rap game, the rap mogul tells his listener that Uzi doesn’t bother him much as his career won’t last long. 444 + 222’s concept intro refers to Uzi taking time to address the NY legend just to finally say ‘f**k n***a pay me’, directly referencing to rapper generating income for himself while he will also let the thing smoke.

Deeper reference, to the Biblical “Number of the Beast,” as 444 plus 222 adds up to 666, which in numerology refers to Satan. Uzi was often associated with the devil and the theory gained traction online, citing evidence such as the similarity between “Lucifer” and “Lil Uzi Vert.” or the inverted cross and Marilyn Manson worship.

With “Sauce It Up” everything is left behind. Part of the most anticipated track of the tape, due to the early snippet on Instagram, the whole track is an ode to successful rapper’s lifestyle. Perhaps one of the most underrated ability and almost going unnoticed, is his capacity to continuously enlarge the rap’s lexical field, with lavish reference which Drake remains the king at.

“No Sleep Leak” is part of those very airy songs that grow on you the more you listen to them. Somewhere between early Young Thug and new Uzi, the mumbling & voice changes add to the track too and just ends up being a fun enjoyable vibey song.

On “The Way Life Goes” was destined to be a hit. The catchy ass fire white girl hook and Oh Wonder sample makes this song so amazingly structured, with memorable lines, and more meaning than you would get from any other Uzi song. It’s a song you would hear with tears of happiness after seeing your partner get accepted to Harvard and they’re on the way out and you will not see them for a while but you’re just happy they made it this far.

“For Real” is a huge switch up from the last song and could have easily been shorter, it gets dragged out and just ends up sounding repetitive and boring. “Feelings Mutual” is too all over the place, but is still a decent song, it had great moments and continuously stayed interesting but just missed something. “Neon Guts” is decent sounding, with good bars but the flows got repetitive and the production really isn’t that impressive, just sounds like an average trap instrumental with elevator music, everything about the song is really overrated, but the song is still decent. Gets boring after a while, but decent.

“Early 20 Rager” is probably one of the most underrated songs on this project. It’s so abstract and just fucking crazy, something you would start a mosh pit too. Real Rockstar vibes are given off this song and you can see how they’re given when you see Uzi performing this and how possessed he looks saying “Wait”. It sounds like a live song, and like he was on a bunch of pills and he threw a whole freestyle, but without words just melody and power. “I GOT R&B SINGERS, R&B SINGERS, R&B SINGERS, R&B SINGERS” song is just hard ass FIRE.

“Unfazed” hook is a little too repetitive, but Uzi and Abel brought good verses, but it ends up standing out for just sounding like a song made out to become a single, which ended up not working out.

“Pretty Mami”s beat is just crazy, and the “Nobody can touch my swag” intro and outro is amazing. The song is perfect from beginning to ending. The hook is catchy as fuck too. And the IIIIIIIIIIIM at the end of the second time the hook repeats are just breathtakingly amazing.

After this we get 3 songs that just aren’t memorable, “How to Talk” has its moments but it’s just boring, “X” just leave me like “why??”, it’s just so basic, it has its moments but it just is annoying “LEONARDO DICAPRIOLEONARDO DICAPRIOLEONAROD DIACOAPTOO” how did anyone find that as a good moment of the song, the song ended with a huge cringe. “Malfunction” is decent but not memorable and boring.

“Dark Queen” was good but grew out of me. He talks about his mom with good lyrics, and great melodies, but there just is something missing to make it better than it already is. Still a good song.

I somehow have not gotten tired of hearing “XO TOUR Llif3”. Uzi the only one that can make a song that says, “All My Friends are dead, push me to the edge” 4x platinum. The melody flow and hook are so good, that when you hear the lyrics you’re even more blown away. It’s just an amazing track and a huge track for Uzi.

On the bonus tracks, the only song out of the 4 that is repayable is “20 Min”. “Skir Skirr” has decent verses but the hook is so fucking terrible. “Loaded” has its moments but Uzi doesn’t capitalize off them, and it just ends up being OK. “Diamonds All on My Wrist” sounds reminiscent to older Uzi songs, and has its moments, most memorably at 0:40 with that huge pause, but it would have been better if it was like 1:40 long, and the hook could have been less repetitive.

“20 Min” has great melody’s, and just the best beat on the whole project. The only problem I had with this song is that, the whole beat is basically a 6 second loop for the whole song. But Uzi has a great hook on this, and great verses, and he tells a story in this song, with actually good lyrics, which I’ve seen a bunch of people overlook. Just a great song.

The project is just great and I’m still replaying it like if it just came out. The highs of the project were extremely high, while the lows are not bad enough to stop enjoying this project for its great songs. Also, something random I learned is that if a Uzi song has a 20 in it it’s a good song.

Best Songs: The Way Life Goes, Sauce It Up, XO TOUR Llif3, 20 Min,

Luv is Rage 2 by Lil Uzi Vert Rating: 8.7/10



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