It is no news that rick ross has launched one of the biggest brand of beverage in the club and liquor shop around the country. A new viral trend, called the Belaire Rosé, which comes in a black bottle. propelling the next hot drink due to his fame or …


A French sparkler that has emerged from the rear to grab a spot on Wine-Searcher’s list of the 100 most-searched-for wines. But how did this really came up … If you are a rising artist in the next year following your first release, and are really popping you’ll be sure to get endorsed by an alcohol brand. And the urban music has been ownin clubs and strip club for the last decades. Now-a-days, weither it’s a white or an african american girl, the music had everybody twerking, and what a better place to express it than to hit the club, half naked, with that half bottom jeans and the reebook wit the straps.


Brainchild of Brett Berish, CEO of California-based Sovereign Brands & was inspired by the success of another sparkling wine it has put on the U.S. wine map : Armand de Brignac. Also known as Ace of Spades, is brut gold cuvée was adopted by American rapper Jay-Z after he fell out with the makers of his favorite Champagne, Crystal.

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