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Martin shkreli Previews ‘Mona Lisa’ Lil Wayne’s Collab With Kendrick Lamar From Upcoming ‘Tha Carter V’

Martin Shkreli is not fooling around when it comes to Lil Wayne’s much awaited album Tha Carter V. Back in December, the controversial pharmaceutical executive claimed that he had successfully acquired the Weezy album but we did not hear any reaction from the Young Money rapper.

On Wednesday, Martin took to his live stream and leaked not one, but 2 snippets from Lil Wayne’s most talked about album Tha Carter 5. While displaying the leaks, Shkreli Nonchalantly stated a song which goes by the name of Mona Lisa featuring Kendrick Lamar was in fact the best song from the project.

Seeing that the quality of the leaked songs weren’t in best form, it’s kind of hard to tell if Martin’s bold statement actually matched up to the hype.

Thanks to the weird executive at least for now we have something to go off until Tha Carter 5 enters our reach.

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