Meet Lil Wop, 2017 Trapper of the year

As every year you have this new wave, and the latest recruit of the underground sphere last draft is soundcloud rapper Lil wop.

The Underground scene apparently picked the Bases Loaded Records signee as this year new challenger.

Quickly rising to fame alongside super talented trap singer Trippie Redd, the future scare crow that the underground scene has spawned actually seems way more sympathic than his peers.

But is Lil wop the new trapper of the year or just the logic evolution of what mumble rap produce on its own.

When you first look at him, you have the right to question your safety but his 24 carat smile ressemble looks more like guwop’s 2017 stupid smile than a 2007 mugshot. A mix between Lil Pump and 21 Savage on a 24-hours Xan-rush, Wopster might be the new guy you have been looking for.

Getting Head in Uber

Tatted up from head to toe, the stylish trapper has every trappings of a successful rapper, among them the face tattoos which include a copy of Guwop’s legendary ice cream cone and more recently a sword accross his right eye. He also claims to spend about $4,000 monthly on drugs which could be the reason we can understand shit to what he says in his latest interviews and like to share women buco-genital gifts on social medias.

Sometimes, it can help when your cousin is one of the hottest act in the rap game for the past 24 months. Blood related, Lil Wop is part of this new range of artist you can easily find on soundcloud with a style this special you have to take drugs to listen to it.

Pushing the culture forward

The chiraq artist evolves in a genre quite similar to what 21 Savage has achieved but actually succeed to make it sound really genuwine. Earlier this week, he  dropped his latest mixtape Wopavelli 2 which  takes you six feet deep in his world.

Laced with a number of 15 tracks total, the strongly intoxicated Emcee surprisingly didn’t invite long time friend Trippie Redd but still came up with hand-picked hood features from Trap artists such as ManManSavage, Lotto Savage & Redd Smashit and with some experimental trap beats from the like of Digital Nas, Brentrambo, 30Roc, SenseiATL and more.


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