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After a promising basketball career ended by legal issues, Chicago rapper Mikey Dollaz has emerged as one of Chicago’s most prominent new act. After numerous featuring with chicago’s biggest artist, the young driller creates with the best producers his own lane and reshape chicago’s future.

First of all can you introduce yourself those who haven’t checked in yet, who is Mikey Dollaz ?

Mikey Dollaz is a fun and turnt up type of guy. Loud but don’t like too much attention. I love making music hanging on my block and doing what I do, but for all the right reasons not the wrong (lbs). Feel like I’m one of many of the real niggaz left also (lbvs). N always a street nigga.

Not everyone is aware of your story, but your past, very likely evokes the screenplay of an unswerving go-getter that will achieve greatness, by any mean neccessary. Can you walk us through those dark days between basketball, street gang and your come up in the thriving Chicago scene ?

To be honest, if I go threw all that it a be a long story even though, I only been on earth for 26 years (lbs). But long story short it was hard growing up in Chicago and still is today. Probably Worser now. I got very popular from playing basketball when I was a “shorty shorty”. Me and Lil Chris which was apart the group M.I.C that I was in along with I.L Will. And what’s funny was when we won the championship undefeated in Grammer school it was big n after the day we graduated Grammer school was the first day we smoke some weed. Back then Reggie was in, but we still smoked some real dope the first time we got high (lbvs). After that it was over for my hoopin career. I was smoking much weed after that. Then I went to high school n started fuckin up big & got kicked out. Year later got locked up for 2 1/2 years. Then came home rappin. By me being a nigga who have plugs n know niggaz with names out here in da streets, it wasn’t really hard to make a name for myself. But I also put in a lot of work to get where I’m at in my career.

Experience shaped your sound and your talent has always stayed intact. We can easily imagine, prooving you the most prominent act in the drill scene wasn’t an overnight job, how do you maintain this invariability ? and what structure have you got behind you to support this grind ?

Well thanks for noticing me as the most prominent act(lbs). But I feel like I’m not getting the credit I deserve. My talent n work ethic is being over looked by a lot of people who are important in this business. I just love music so much and so use to doing it now it’s just a everyday thing with me now. This my 9to5 (lol). But more like my 24 how much I work (lol). Then I’m a big fan of ecstasy pills. Which makes me automaticly want to do something involving music. So that’s how I maintain my drive that I have. And as far as structure, my production company (Gold River Ent.) play a major role in supporting my grind (nbs).

Have you been offered major deal yet ?

Yeah, a couple when I was in the group M.I.C with my lil bro I.L Will and Lil Chris. And one of the big homies named Momac was managing us at the time. and also one as a solo artist. Don’t really want to say from who or get to all that. But it wasn’t enough for me to sign anything .

The mixtape you recently dropped is endorsed by many major household names such as Sonny digital and the Honorable C-NOTE just to name a few, can we blame that on your lyrical ability or has your network bigger that we actually expected ?

That’s another thing my production company helped me with and get Intune with. When I went to Atlanta to work with Sonny Digital he say he already knew who I was already and fuck with my music. And I talked to C Note on the phone cause he was out of town, but he say he fucking wit me heavy too. So it was kind of dope because Ima a big fan of both there beats n Sonny Digital music. I also worked with Dun Deal On The Track and Produced By Goose. Dope sessions I had with him and Sommy Nbs.

The block is hot and opps are supposedly never lacking. As a public figure, how do you avoid conflict when you are shooting videoclips or shopping designer ?

I don’t know if I’m understanding the question right but I think I do(lol). But to be honest I don’t have a lot of trouble in my hood. And I’m well protected lbvs. And I’m not the type to look for trouble but I’m also not the type to run from it if u understand what I’m saying. When I shoot videos or shop I don’t worry about certain things because I always have some one with me on point, even though I’m on point myself.

Back in 2013 you dropped a joint mixtape with Dreezy Dreezy, which is a brilliant artist, during the interview with Mr youBEpictured we could notice an intensity in your relationship. What is your relation with the drill queen ? and have you been recording any new collaborative material since she moved to Atlanta ?

Well right now we just homies. Talk every blue moon or when I see her at events or what not. But back then we was really in a relationship, so the connection was real and helped with making the music we made. And no we haven’t worked since then after the tape probably.

We have been scoping the streets and the city is bursting with talent, Nevertheless you effortlessly stand out from the crowd, can you explain what make your drilling so efficient? and what do you have cooking up next ?

Well what makes my drill music so efficient is love for music. And to be honest, probably my only way of being successful like I want to be in this world, especially by me being a ex-felon. I stand out cause I’m me. Everybody that meets me tells me I’m special lol. In a good way though. And it’s just really that I have my own style and I be sooooo Turnt on tracks off the drugz lbs. Plus I’m doing drill music over EDM beats and beats from people like Sonny Digital and C-Note.

I’m actually going to drop another mixtape June 21st called “Good Music Gone Bad” which is a production colab tape with Saint The Good Boy and hosted by Dj Amaris N Dj Shon. And I also got two more tapes that I’m going to randomly drop before the summer ends. And in between work on my “Sex Music 3” mixtape for the ladies. So yea I’m working.


Meet Lil Peep, The Kurt Cobain of modern rap



For the release of his new song ‘Hollywood Dreaming’ with – THE REAL UZI – ( yes there was a uzi before Lil Uzi Vert ), Lil Peep has brought the Ogs and his grand ma is wit the s**t.

To call Lil Peep’s music “rap” is technically incorrect, with the very specific exception that the base of the music is mainly composed of guitar riffs and arpegios on, like our friend from Pitchfork will say, wholesale rips of Postal Service songs.

He merges with perfection the sad vibe of grunge much like Yelawolf, a rebirth of a hype contelmporary version of Kurt Cobain. Onlyth newer—and better.

His songs perfectly channel the dead god of grunge, and his good friends the SlugChrist & Father gave him the platform to showcase his talent, as theier influence as rapper on the underground really vehicules at a quick pace any new unique trend. who  about drinking, drugs, and the loneliness they try to fill go straight for the gut and stick there.

“More wine, more wine/Pour another cup/More wine, more wine/Lord why, lord why do I gotta wake up?”

Endlessly catchy, Peep has an excellent mixtape, Hellboy, and a souncloud full of airy tracksyou check down below. We highly recomand the second track featuring Xavier Wulf called “Drive-by”

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You don’t really want the views



After of few month of hesitation to see how things stand, the industry wasn’t sure if every single beef Drake would handle’ll turn out to be his opponent last dinner. Due to the circumstances spreading with light velocity every time the canadian rapper open his mouth We had a look into it, to find the hypothetical reason. 

We all know Drake. There is no need for introduction. But last year during the Meek Feud, we came to the conclusion that drake aka aubrey Kasparov, was always three step ahead of the actual point the situation was at. Like a magician, he will get your attention to the left side while he is orchestrating your demise on the right hand side.

Remorseless, Drizzy has made his way up the industy throughout the years, dealing with many major and minor street beefs, even on a local scale back in Toronto, and has always came out victorious.

Protected by Kelly Bush Nowak, one of the twenty most most powerfull publicist in hollywood, she has always been Drake’s weapon of choice and not many people know about it, which is a dangerous mistake. The Head publicist, founder of ‘ID’ has been taking care of Drake for the past few years, and however we can’t really determine her involvement and her company’s implication in numerous tabloid headline, We can assure you that she is not to be taken lightly.

With fees that can, legitimately, go up to six figures, she already helped Aubrey to avoid police hearing during the Chris brown altercation, in a los angeles nightclub which caused the injuries of many famous by-standers back in 2012, after a feud involving Drake, Brown and Rihanna.

Futhermore his numerous business ventures with Apple, Nike, Air Jordan, YMCMB has made him the golden child of its generation and the one whose so worthful that he is to be protected at all time, regardless of what needs to be done . Considering the Budden beef insignificant , we heard rumors that him and taylor swift have been working lately on songs which she hopes will be a major hit. “Drake’s still devastated by his breakup from Rihanna and is hoping that this will get under her skin.”

You can also check our last magazine issue available for download


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It is no news that rick ross has launched one of the biggest brand of beverage in the club and liquor shop around the country. A new viral trend, called the Belaire Rosé, which comes in a black bottle. propelling the next hot drink due to his fame or …


A French sparkler that has emerged from the rear to grab a spot on Wine-Searcher’s list of the 100 most-searched-for wines. But how did this really came up … If you are a rising artist in the next year following your first release, and are really popping you’ll be sure to get endorsed by an alcohol brand. And the urban music has been ownin clubs and strip club for the last decades. Now-a-days, weither it’s a white or an african american girl, the music had everybody twerking, and what a better place to express it than to hit the club, half naked, with that half bottom jeans and the reebook wit the straps.


Brainchild of Brett Berish, CEO of California-based Sovereign Brands & was inspired by the success of another sparkling wine it has put on the U.S. wine map : Armand de Brignac. Also known as Ace of Spades, is brut gold cuvée was adopted by American rapper Jay-Z after he fell out with the makers of his favorite Champagne, Crystal.

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