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Playboi Carti Calls Out ASAP Bari Following Sexual Assault Allegation But Doesn’t Disown Him

Playboi carti called out Asap Bari after sexual assault accusation but doesn’t disown as he still refers to him as “brother”.

A week after the controversial footage emerged of the Vlone CEO asking to his Assistant’s booty call to perform oral sex on him, Playboi carti doesn’t disown Asap Bari as he still refers to him as “brother”.

Last monday night during his show at the Observatory in Santa Ana, The young playboi made it clear that he doesn’t support what he did, however he made a mistake and he is still his big bro .

I don’t support none of that rape shit. F*ck all that shit. Man look, that sh*t wack. I love women, that sh*t wack.”


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