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ATLANTA – OG Maco went in in an heated twitter argument with L.U.V and affiliated Atlanta artist Reese released a new diss track titled ” 180secs ” aimed at Lil Uzi Vert.

Despite, the legitness and quality of the song especially in the second part. The vertical machine gun has been a legit Rockstar, while Maco and Reese call him a culture vulture and accuse him of ” stealing sauce “.

Reese was brought into the beef when OG Maco tweeted, “Me & Reese did a lot for niggas and got so little credit for it – if everybody else gonna be a b*tch, I won’t – f*ck it.” Lil Uzi responded to Maco by saying, “Ohhhhhh so this is why you on the weirdo sh*t you rocking wit this clown I punched on already I’m in ATL.”

Users-Doctor-icon TRAP ANALYST – While the Maco’s and Reese’s get their buzz up with a diss track aimed toward the one that gets everyone attention. We can’t file their claim as far as the only relevant point they make is that Lil Uzi Vert is a Rockstar and they wish they were.

Shinning for the past year the Young Rockstar has been shutting everyone down from Ebro to the first song we heard. This little vertical getling will be featured in our June issue so stay tuned …


Smokepurpp Drops “What I Please” Featuring Denzel Curry



Ok, He won. A week prior to this article, we largely emphasize our growing dissatisfaction as of the energy SmokePurpp injected in his “Audi 2” track supposedly easing us into “Deadstar 2.

This isn’t the same feeling at all, the ronny j production isn’t a dumb looped 808 pound, and the energy is crazy. As if, beeing on a track with mister Curry get people wrapped up in competitiveness.

This is a big yes for us and hope you will enjoy the mumbhle cypher. Thanks Purpp We taught you were gone and would never bless our trap again.

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Listen To Lil Pump’s “Harverd Dropout” Full Album Here



Lil Pump Uploaded “Harverd Dropout” album to his youtube channel, listen to it and let us know what you think.

Earlier Today, Lil Pump was making headline releasing “Be Like Me” the latest track of his “Harverd Dropout” album featuring Lil Wayne. It is now time, for the official videoclip.

In related news, the Young Floridian Emcee was arrested back in December, and yesterday TMZ hilarious body cam footage of his arrest. A must see in the trolling sphere. You can watch the full video here.

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Lil Xan Is Going To Be A Father & Drops “Summer Days” To Celebrate



Lil Xan just announced that he and girlfriend Annie Smith are expecting their first child together and to celebrate the Xanarchy boss drops new flamer called “Summer Days”.

Diego, better known as Lil Xan just dropped a new track called “Summer Days” hours after he hannounced that he was expecting his first child with girlfriend Annie Smith. While it is unclear if the track will be featured on his upcoming “Be Safe” project it is safe to say that the album will likely be dropping 9 months from now …

The young Xanxiety shared the news with his 5.2 million followers in an extensive post :

i wanted to wait but i just can’t leave my fans in the dark,it’s official im going to be a father 😭💔 i love you guys so much and hope you stay along for this crazy journey and i’ve never felt more happy in my life💔 all of you are invited to the gender reveal party i promise ! Cant wait to show the world everything i’ve been working on at youtube space and my official sophomore album “BE SAFE” and to my baby my angel my sunshine @anniiesmith i love you with all my heart ❤️ thank you for saving me i love you more then words could describe

Lil Xan

The news comes a week before he starts his 19-laced-dates Europe Tour, spreading from February 26 to March 27.

Lil xan concert dates for European tour. Credit Lil Xan/Instagram

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Produced by DJ Fu and Following up his contribution to the Pornhub EP with “Shake It,” take a listen at this new banger and let us know what you think

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