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Reese LaFlare & Key’s ‘Been Had Boyz’ reached #1 Album In Cayman Island



Reese La flare has been quite busy since he dropped the first single off his upcoming album Reese Vs. The Universe.

The Skateboarding god of rap who was swagga jacked by the philly rockstar has been grinding really hard to recover lost time as his principal contender is way far ahead.

Nevertheless we had to pinpoint accurately his situation for the fans as for the opp. The Atl rapper just made it to the number one spot alongside good friend and collaborator Key, with the ‘Been Had Boyz’ album.

He more rencently dropped is new single “Just Saying,” is the first release from Reese LaFlare’s LP. If you like a lot of bass in your music and high energy, this is the song for you. “Just Saying” is produced by Foreign Teck.

“I’m just tryna ball out like we in 2K/Diamonds on me dancing, watch my wrist parade/Your girl all in my facial, bitch exfoliate/Lame nigga say “let’s build,” I’m already made,” he raps.

The budding MC had a pretty good 2016, releasing his Before the Universe mixtape and gaining a bigger fanbase and the Atl emcee is out for blood.

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Lil Yachty & Ski Mask the Slump God Collide on New Song, “Fugazi”



Lil Yachty & Ski Mask the Slump God Collide on loose Song, “Fugazi”

Last year Lil Boat was the rapper to feature on your track. Now that the Broward county Emcee’s fame skyrocketing, Ski Mask The Slump God became, due to his consistency and with the help of New York trend-setter A$AP Ferg, the rapper to feature on your track.

In studio, as we speak, with the legendary Timbaland, Stokeley’s still chain smoking beats on a daily basis from uprising beatmakers.This time around, popular French producer Cash Money AP delivers another inspired trap banger for Lil Yachty and Ski to blaze for this new track called, “Fugazi.”

The loose track follows their recent collaboration with A$AP Ferg and TM88 earlier this month on “No Tilt.” and if you missed it you should most definetly watch his videoclip to ‘Baby Wipe‘.



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Lil Pump & DestoDubb Aka The Plug Blaze Their Latest Track



You don’t have to front like you know exactly who is DestoDubb but whether you like it or not his street cred goes way beyond what you could have expect. Today, the plug is back, and he is releasing DestGang featuring Lil Pump what brought me to this track, and Boiiii am I glad I gave this one a chance.

This is an absolute banger that you need to hear especially if you’re into rap that is more or less like Lil Pump’s style.

But who is Desto Dubb ?


In the hardcore L.A. underground sphere, it’s all subtleties and is THE person you need to know about. Desto is ‘THE’ plug, from the OSS Family to Boonk, who he recently inked the massive jaw tattoo, the rapper/producer/tattoo artist bagged headlines about a year ago after he got unintentionally arrested with AN AWFUL LOT OF COUGH SYRUP.

Yes, if you’ve been wondering why every single rapper in the world owns a tee that reads ‘THAT’S AN AWFUL LOT OF COUGH SYRUP‘, it is because of him. The young Watts native was born to sale juice and is behind the destressedclothing design that everyone wears.

Back in September 2016, Desto was apprehended with approximatively 14 bottled of promethazine but the most epic part is that his arrest gave birth to one of the most iconic sentence in the sippin’ culture. Recorded with a mobile, after being apprehended, the Deputy sheriff was ‘extremely concerned’ about his medical condition, and holding Desto’s head down on the hood of his police car ironically shouted out  ” That’s an awful lot of cough syrup, you must be really sick“, the most hilarious part of the video remains Desto’s dry cough that ensued.


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Ski Mask The Slump God Drops ‘No Tilt’ ft. Lil Yachty & A$AP Ferg



Broward Conuty’s Ski Mask The Slump God is poised for a hell of a breakout, and the continued success of his Missy Elliot homage “Catch Me Outside” continues to impress.

It seems as if the outlandish emcee is scoring a co-sign from one big name after another – first Missy reached out to show support, then A$AP Ferg got in touch for a collaboration, culminating in the sexually charged banger “ILoveYourAunt.” While many expected XXXTentacion to emerge as Members Only’s bonafide star, Ski Mask’s wild persona and insane flow have helped catapult the young rapper into the conversation. His close friend X’s 17 album recently did some solid numbers, and Ski Mask’s rising clout proves that the Members Only era is only just beginning.

When “ILoveYourAunt” dropped, many wondered if Ski Mask and Ferg had cooked up anything else during their studio sessions. Luckily, it would appear that there’s still more music to come. Today, the Slump God took to Twitter to announce that a new single with Lil Yahcty and A$AP Ferg would be dropping tonight, which generally tends to mean midnight. It’s certainly an interesting combination, but Ferg has often reached out to younger artists. In fact, Ferg and Yachty have previously collaborated on the Still Striving cut “Aww Yeah,” so stranger things have happened.

With such a wide array of wild personalities allied on the same track, the as-of-yet untitled joint promises to be one thing: utterly insane. I for one have no idea what to expect, but Ski Mask has proven to be an exciting new voice in the up-and-coming generation. And while Yachty’s Teenage Emotions didn’t necessarily score widespread critical success, Yachty’s promise to return to the Lil Boat era spells promise from the self-proclaimed king of teens.

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