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Self-proclaimed Financial advisor Explains How Hip Hop Culture Helped Supreme To Make $1 Billion



Self-proclaimed Financial advisor, Rashad Bilal,goes in on how Hip Hop Culture helped Supreme turn a regular skateboard brand into a $1 Billion Dollar Company

It’s hard to explain The Diplomat’s cultural impact, If you didn’t grow up in the 2000s. You had to experience it to know how big they were. Their fashion influence moved the culture.

That was the main reason why Supreme wanted the diplomats on their apparel. The photoshoot that took place in 2006, led to one of the most popular and lucrative tee shirt serie of all time; The photo Tee.

But is he right ?

It is true that this particular serie, is part of the most iconic item in the Supreme collection. Today tees are reselling on eBay for as much as $2,500.

From that one photo shoot and t shirt launch, Supreme has skyrocketed. Rashad emphasize the fact that Supreme develloped their cult following with people that will spend anything for their products from this venture.

Last year, rumors satrted circulating that the Carlyle Group purchased a 50% stake in the brand for a record amount of $500million. Which put the companies’ value at $1billion.


Despite the brilliant comments Rashad Made during the argument. We can’t agree that Supreme could be resume to one particular piece.

As Supreme Fanatics here at DrillKing, we can’t forget that the brand has been releasing weekly capsule collection for the past 20 years, with the brand mainstays such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Jordan, …

But we will agree that that particular move was genius.

While Rashad is pointing Hip Hop’s marketing mistakes. Still writing


The Hype Is Strong With The Off-White™ Crafts Flip Flops On Sale Now!!!



Where Can I buy Off-White™ Crafts Flip Flops ?

Continuing to add to its footwear lineup, Off-White™ has now crafted a flip flop style inspired by its signature Industrial Belt.

The hype has been big in the sandal game and we are reaching a new high with this Yellow Rubber slip-on sandals. Bonded and rubberized logo pattern in black throughout, Open round toe and treaded rubber outsole, the pair of sandals is also available in black & white and beige & black.

Priced at $150 USD, the Off-White™ Industrial Flip Flops are available in “Yellow/Black,”colorway here at SSENSE.

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Fashion Icon Ian Connor Confirms Jail Release Via Instagram



Ian Connor whose real name is Ian Justin Connar, is part of those iconic influencer in the fashion industry and just like his peers he has got in a lot of trouble for his behavior. Like A$ap Bari accusations of sexual assault derailed his wave, and gun charges landed him in the pen for a year.

Surprisingly, Connor revealed that he was heading to the pokey back in june as he was sentenced in three different cases, though two of them resulted in suspended sentences for firearms possession, which netted him a few years of probation, the third case, which was tied to a May 2016 incident, resulted in a 363 day sentence for “negligent discharge of a firearm.”

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

Sickö World Leader.

Une publication partagée par Sickö (@ianconnorsrevenge) le

Last Monday, Connor shared a photo of himself in the L.A. County Jail with a band-aid he is sporting on his forehead.

Right after christmas, the young and iconic influencer got out a free man and could be back to business soon.

Despite our extensive knowledge concerning Ian – such as his personnal Louis Vuitton Inventory – we are really wondering who is behind the Instagram account Bornfrompain1993.

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Anti Social Social Club X Ed Hardy Has Sold Out



Not even a chance to cop it manualy, the Anti Social Social Club x Ed Hardy has been one hell of a pain in our ass and we suppose most hypehead in the world.

Despite their really, really, really bad reputation when it comes to fulfil the order the received which led to a class action not too long ago, the ASSC logoed hoodie and the dragon was the piece every single one of us wish they could get their hands on. Retailing for the modest sum of $240 alongside a large array of items such as flip-flops, men’s shorts and even an umbrella!!! everything has sold out and leave us wondering if all that misfortune could be appeased by the brand not fulfilling their orders once again.

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