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Self-proclaimed Financial advisor Explains How Hip Hop Culture Helped Supreme To Make $1 Billion



Self-proclaimed Financial advisor, Rashad Bilal,goes in on how Hip Hop Culture helped Supreme turn a regular skateboard brand into a $1 Billion Dollar Company

It’s hard to explain The Diplomat’s cultural impact, If you didn’t grow up in the 2000s. You had to experience it to know how big they were. Their fashion influence moved the culture.

That was the main reason why Supreme wanted the diplomats on their apparel. The photoshoot that took place in 2006, led to one of the most popular and lucrative tee shirt serie of all time; The photo Tee.

But is he right ?

It is true that this particular serie, is part of the most iconic item in the Supreme collection. Today tees are reselling on eBay for as much as $2,500.

From that one photo shoot and t shirt launch, Supreme has skyrocketed. Rashad emphasize the fact that Supreme develloped their cult following with people that will spend anything for their products from this venture.

Last year, rumors satrted circulating that the Carlyle Group purchased a 50% stake in the brand for a record amount of $500million. Which put the companies’ value at $1billion.


Despite the brilliant comments Rashad Made during the argument. We can’t agree that Supreme could be resume to one particular piece.

As Supreme Fanatics here at DrillKing, we can’t forget that the brand has been releasing weekly capsule collection for the past 20 years, with the brand mainstays such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Jordan, …

But we will agree that that particular move was genius.

While Rashad is pointing Hip Hop’s marketing mistakes. Still writing


Supreme Quietly Releases San Francisco Bogo Tee Online



Supreme has quietly released the San Francisco box logo T-shirt on its online webstore, priced at $48 USD. All proceeds from the sale will go towards the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s Harm Reduction Center. As such, the shirt has sold out.

Falling in line with its usual opening festivities, Supreme prepared an exclusive T-shirt to celebrate the opening of its new San Francisco location.

Coming alongside the premiere of CANDYLAND, the simple orange on black Box Logo commemorative SF T-shirt was offered when the new outpost opened with the Week 9 drop of Supreme’s Fall 2019 collection. The back of the commemorative T-shirt crafted to celebrate the Bay Area location features the simple phrase “BEAUTIFUL PLACE WITH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE” accompanied by the full address of the new store.

Take a look at the commemorative Box Logo T-shirt available exclusively at Supreme San Francisco above and check out an inside look at what went down at the Sup SF opening celebration.

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Supreme / Ryan McGinness “Process” Collaboration Re-emerge On IG



It has been years that Supreme OGs have been looking for those grails … Apparently, thr33mod3 just got it all right.

Part of Supreme rarest collaboration, the english residant has blessed himself for his birthday with the full collection of one of most coveted collaboration.

Released in 2000, Ryan McGinness is an American artist who was born and raised in Virginia Beach in 1972, and spent most of his life in Manhattan, New York. After attending the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, he interned at the Andy Warhol Museum. Known for his graphic representations and logos play, McGinness used the tee based on a paint sample tab, called the “process tee”. The tee is reading :

Supreme Process Cyan C
CAUTION Due to uncontrollable fading of printed materials, the color on this shirt may change. To minimize fading, avoid prolonged exposure of shirt to various sources of light. The shirt should be replaced periodically to maintain accurate color communication.

Distributed in a limited quantity of 25, to his Houston gallery exhibit back in 2000, the streetwear manstay also released a long sleeve version of the “Process” concept an even more coveted piece which was released in only 3 units.

Supreme Color Formula Guide, 2000, five skateboards bolted together
Each: oil on wood panel, 32 x 8 in. (81.3 x 20.3 cm)
Published by Supreme in an edition of 500 each

Along this, Ryan displayed an art piece called “Supreme Color Formula Guide“, a serie of five skateboard decks bolted together, oil on wood panel, 32 x 8 in., published by Supreme in an edition of five hundred each under the name Pantone “CMYK” decks.

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Supreme … Nak Rocks Unseen Supreme Embossed Puffer Jacket During Show




Supreme Member Na-kel Smith Rocks Unseen Chanel Inspired Supreme Embossed Puffer Jacket during Telfar’s “Country” show

As you might have noticed, this Season’s official Supreme lifestyle model is now Sean Pablo from the official Supreme Skateboard team. Replacing last year main model, Na-Kel Smith who decided to focus on his rap career.

Nak performed at the “Country” Show alongside Ho99o9 and Mid90s, a collaborative between designer Telfar Clemens and playwright Jeremy O. Harris. However, he is still part of the Supreme crew and has still his access. So it was only right that the first to have the jacket would be him.

Though it is still unclear if it is a Chanel collaboration inspired by their Embossed-logo puffer jacket, the upcoming rapper was performing during a Telfar show, he rocked the supreme banner, which is actually the most anticipated piece of the year.

A Supreme embossed puffer jacket in a khaki colourway, still unseen in the silver colourway. For the time being there is no official release date nor price for the jacket but they Chanel one is currently reselling for $4500.

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