Ski Mask The Slump God Releases Long Awaited Videoclip

Another great body of work from Lyrical Lemonade boss Cole Benneth who has become the reference when it comes to videoclip in the industry, taking care of every single popping artist. This time it is Ski Mask, the slump god’s turn.

It’s a bit weird of a statement but does the slump god of underground rap who first revolutionized the aesthetic of the Members only crew is really taking another route than his collegue. Sonically weird, the remix of Missy elliot orginally produced by Timbaland is a bit of an UFO in the game … and his Mystikal/Shaggy voice aren’t helping the mix.

We still have great belief that Ski Mask is the pure genius we once referenced him as and will never question his incredible lyrical skills, but we are really looking forward to get it … For the moment we really don’t … While the track with Keith Ape ‘Mr Eggman” is still, to us, one of his biggest hit in the underground sphere, the bizarre route he took with his second track alongside the Korean rapper was a proven flop … avant-gardiste my ass, if it ain’t sonically appreciable then what’s the point ?

Differently from other media outlet we aren’t going to endorse or embrace everything an artist release just because he is poping. To us this track is merely appreciable and doesn’t really stand a chance with the rise of talents such as Trippie Redd whose spot’s getting bigger on a daily basis or the late additions to the draft Lil Skies & Squidnice

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