Slow Thai Drops “Ladies – DrillKing
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Slow Thai Drops “Ladies



Slowthai is on the rise right now, and all eyes are on him.

So, what better way to continue building the momentum, than by dropping a brand new single for the fans and those who are still coming to terms with his gritty and unique approach.

This one see’s the East Midlands talent team up with Kwes Darko on production, who has built this one to the highest standard, and constructed it perfectly to suit Thai’s flows and delivery. Once again, the track itself brings a vibe, and it seems that everything the NN artist delivers is golden.

Huge props have to be sent out to ‘The Rest’ who have directed this dope new visual, really adding a new dimension to the sonics of this piece.

Check out ‘Ladies’ below.


Lil Pump Drops Controversial “Burtterfly Doors” Videoclip




The Floridian rapper has announced it yesterday and finally released the official videoclip to the very controversial yet largely acclaimed track “Butterfly doors”.

After beeing under fire for the snippet he previewed on Instagram, which are slated to appear in his upcoming song “Butterfly Doors.” The lyrics in question are considered racist and demeaning towards the Asian community.

So that everyone is happy, the usually disrepectful emcee decided to cut the reference to the basketball players and took down the “ching chong” sum up.

“Smokin’ on dope/ They call me Yao Ming ’cause my eyes real low (ching chong),”

he says in the video, posted to his IG on Monday (Dec. 17).

But Lil Pump could not care less, the “Eeeskediit” rapper is still releasing a track since it has been well-received by fans, critics and medias.

A year ago, Woahh Vicky released a Ricegum Diss which she took down due to the number of times she said “Ching Chong” referring to the Asian youtuber.

Stupidity at its finest, incomparable to Lil Pump’s latest track that just reference the insult as a sum up.

shout out to Young Thugga La Group for sharing and showing much love to DrillKing

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Trippie Redd & More Appear In ‘Rolling Loud Bay Area 2018 Aftermovie’



THE — best Hip Hop festivals in the world is back with the Rolling Loud Bay Area 2018 Aftermovie.

The Nasser Boulaich-directed visual is THE best-of to the festival where he captured appearances of a lot of the artists headlining such as Travis Scott, Trippie Redd, Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd, Gunna, Lil Baby, Famous Dex, Lil Mosey, and many more.

The 10 minute curated “Rolling Loud Bay Area 2018 Aftermovie”  produced by the festival’s co-founders Tariq Cherif and Matt Zingler is like a short-film memory to the thousands of concertgoer who share the same passion for this new Hip Hop veins which takes over the mainstream play after play hit after hit and is the proof that the youth run this MF.

There is also behind-the-scenes footage from the Oakland-based showcase.

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Lil Pump Will Be Dropping Controversial Song “Butterfly Doors” On Friday



It’s official, Despite the controversy, Lil Pump will be dropping this Friday, January 4, “Butterfly Doors”, the track that had every asian person in the hip hop sphere mad.

Watch the official videoclip Here

According to Pump, he will no longer keep the track to himself.

Depsite the controversial line and his apologies after getting approached by China Mac himself in a club this week, the young Floridian rapper will relaese tomorrow what has to be his hottest production in a while.

Trolling on a daily basis, the young rapper has not specified if he replaced the polemical line but we all have to agree the track seems super hot …

Earlier this week, the young Emcee ignited much controversy after he shared a snippet of an unreleased track called ” Butterfly Doors”.

The banging track, which could possibly be his next super hit, is subjected to a lot of controversy, due to a punchline where he refers to himself as Yao Ming after smoking too much marijuana, refering directly to Asian’s small eyes aperture, just to end by suming it up with a loud and clear #ChingChong.

Smokin’ on dope (damn)
They call me Yao Ming cause my eye real low (Ching Chong)

Lil Pump, ” Butterfly Doors” unreleased 2019

While this can surely make most of caucasian descendants roll on the floor laughing, it sure didn’t amuse the Asian community, despite beeing big Hip Hop consummers, didn’t appreciate beeing mocked by their idol — especially, China Mac …

As noone addressed the elephant in the room, Triple OG China Mac took it on his shoulder to addresss the situation and clearly asked the Floridian rapper to apologize and take the song down. The gangster even pulled up on him in a club asking him to take his video down.

While the rapper, apologized and took the video down, it isn’t sure that he will use the bad buzz of the story to promote his next single … To Be Continued.

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