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Chiraq Gangsters Are EXTORTING Soulja Boy . . . If He Doesn’t Pay Them $10K . . . They’ll Release Video Of Him ASKING THEM TO MURDER Rapper!!

CHICAGO – We have been lately talking a lot about soulja boy, not because of his music but because it seems like he has completely lost it. After the short exchange with former friend lil yachty and Southside from 808 mafia. He went up against the chiraq savages , as every specialized media have shared this week.


But the worst was to expect. He apparently asked Ec marv to murder rival rapper Rico Recklezz.

DISCLAIMER – First off we went trought anything we could possibly find to discredit this information, but as for VladTv or for Dj Akademiks something really happened.

Unfortunately, the very same driller is now EXTORTING him, threatening him of releasing the facetime where the rapper allegedly asked him to get rid of the renegade boss.  They claim that if Soulja Boy doesn’t PAY UP, they’ll release the video of Soulja trying to CONTRACT WITH THEM for murder – which is a crime punishable by up to 20 YEARS IN PRISON.

BREAKING NEWS : Young Dolph’s van shot a Hundred times During CIAA 2017

Soulja Boy has been going off on his Twitter account threatening several people in his war against Lil Yachty, which began over model India Love. Now, he’s set his sites on Rico Recklezz. After the Chi-Town rapper put out a diss track called “No Talking” against the SODMG head, Soulja tweeted that he was too big to make a response record against an unsigned Chicago rapper. He continued, saying Rico would be dead before 2017 and that he was putting a $100K bounty on his head.


Soulja Boy reportedly FaceTimed several Chicago rappers trying to fulfill the hit he put on Rico. Billionaire Black was apparently one of those rappers, and he revealed a conversation between him and Soulja on Instagram. Black requested $10,000, and then $20,000 from Soulja Boy or he would leak the video he recorded of Soulja telling him to kill Rico.


Soulja is now begging Billionaire Black not to leak the video, by offering a verse, then noting that the video release could land him in jail.

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Watch Dj Akademiks’ “A Mile In My Shoes” First Episdode With 21 Savage



Atlanta – 10 Days Before the release of 21 Savage sophomore album ‘I AM greater than I WAS’, The infamous ATL Emcee invited DJ Akademiks to Atlanta to give a unique outlook and experience of his life.

In the first episode to the “A mile in my shoes” series, 21 Savege invites us to see how he grew up, the music recording process and every thing few and far in between.

For my Audience. Please show some love to this. I want to do more original and different content. I funded this myself to bring you some new type of content. Please let me know how I can improve and I will. Also Name the other artists you would like me to do this with. Also. 21 Savage new album ‘I AM greater than I WAS’ is in stores right now and on all streaming platforms. Special Thanks to Meezy, 21 savage, Our dope videographer, editor, Travel coordinator, Leaf and all of the crew/entourage/engineer of 21 savage.

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Soulja Boy Roasts Kanye West & Tyga Live On IG



14 Days into 2019 and Soulja boy has already been baging up headlines. Today Young Drako is coming back with a new viral and hilarious rant, where he explains how he didn’t know what Kanye West was back in 2006.

Starting his live stream on his Instagram earlier today, Young Drako started braging about his latest incomes, after he used some outrageous dr******* techniques to sell cheap knock-off consoles, loaded with hundreds of unlicensed games and low-quality smart watch, which he reportedly gained $212K in one day and $315K in the first 2 weeks of December.

He then launched into a Tyga rant, where the king of troll is back at it with the now classic Soulja Boy challenge series as he emphases his pier’s name as if they were irrelevant, unknow or as if they never achieved anything.

As the live goes, he comes to a point where he compares himself to Elon Musk and calls himself the Black Elon Musk while he asks for people not to compare him on any occasion to Kanye West.

The Georgian Emcee then continues on Ye and roasts the Chi-town rapper.

Kanye West ! KAnye West ! Yo the n**** that’s been crying about Drake on Twitter every week !

Soulja says

The now delirious troll keeps roasting Yeezy in a style that reminds us of the early Lil Pump rants. Where he questions everything Ye has achieved.

A must watch … Hilarious and viral … WElcome back in the game Soulja.

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Not even death can stop Oliver Tree’s Flow



Certainly one of the most inspired artist of the moment, Oliver tree delivers the product with intense creative design and intensive music production.

In an email, he explained how the song and video are directly inspired by a scooter crash that he was involved in a few years ago while competing in a pro-competition—he wound up breaking both of his wrists and right hand. That said, Tree doesn’t want to taint how others perceive his art based on his own personal experiences though. Instead, he wants viewers to “decide for themselves and apply it to their life in whatever way it makes sense.”

February 14 – The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA
February 15 – Rio Theater – Santa Cruz, CA
February 16 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
February 18 – Peter’s Room at Roseland Theater – Portland, OR
February 19 – The Crocodile – Seattle, WA
February 22 – The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
February 23 – Globe Hall – Denver, CO
February 26 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
March 1 – Great Scott – Allston, MA
March 2 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
March 3 – The Foundry – Philadelphia, PA
March 5 – U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC
March 8 – Masquerade (Purgatory) – Atlanta, GA
March 9 – The Social – Orlando, FL
March 12 – Exit/In – Nashville, TN
March 14 – Deep Ellum Art Co – Dallas, TX
March 15 – White Oak Music Hall (Downstairs) – Houston, TX
March 16 – SXSW – Austin, TX

Discover the hipster side of the force.

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