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Southside Publicly Cuts All Ties With Interscope After They Allegedly Tried To Have Him Killed



808 Mafia producer and CEO Southside Aka Young Sizzle publicly cuts all ties with Interscope Record after they allegedly tried to have him killed.

As fifty said back in 2007: “When I made fifty mill, Em got paid / When I made sixty mill, Dre got paid / When I made eighty mill, Jimmy got paid” in ‘straight to the bank’ off of his ‘curtis’ album, the greedy Interscope Record Executives like the money but don’t actually support nor appreciate the lifestyle that comes with it.

The 808 Mafia CEO and world famous producer Southside first took it to twitter saying :

On some 100 Shit F*** these labels. I had a situation where I defended myself on their studio grounds, where they let people in to harm me and my guest. I reacted in order to keep myself safe , now keep in mind ( INTERSCOPE) was puttin together a label with which by the way was bulls**t. They pulled out of my deal because I defended my self from being robbed so its f*** the label. You are an idiot if you sign with them, they care nothing about us or what goes on . They backed out on me lije I needed them. By far I don’t and never will. They are full of shit.

Blasts Interscope Record & EVP Joie Manda

He then took to Instagram live to express his frustrations with the music giant. In the video,Sizzle from his real name Joshua Howard Luellen claims that during the recording session with who he called ” a $2 dollar rapper from atlanta” in some Interscope studio a group of unidentified men errupted in studio and tried to rob him. Pulling out his gun he was able to defend himself and his guest from intruders which resulted in the Interscope Geffen A&M Records imprint to halt the deal they had.

“You mad because I upped pistols on n*****s so I lose my whole deal? Then they want me to be quiet and not speak out, man f*** y’all.” said Sizzle. And according to him, they requested him not to talk about their meeting in public.“Y’all N***** not gonn enslave me, imma speak ma motherf*****g mind”

in the heated monologue on social media he expressed his deep-seated distaste against Interscope’s Executive Vice-President Joie Manda who allegedly flew him to the big apple :

This bald head ass n-gga Joie flew me to New York to tell me, ‘Yo, we’re gonna back out because we don’t want anyone to sue you for what happened with your deal.”

He also took the opportunity to reveal that a new 808 album is in the works, entitled “Fuck The Label Vol. 1”.

Sizzle was the architect of Waka Flocka Flame style and pretty much originated modern trap. His ubiquitous influence in the hip hop scene is undeniable and has helped the career of dozens, across the past eight years, from the biggest names as he executively produced I got the keys featuring Jay-z & Future to more modest act as the late 6lack.

He has spend the last few days in chicago with G Herbo and Lud Foe in the studio and lately participated in Kodak Black latest release called ‘Just a Wrap‘.


Tekashi69 Sets The Record Straight On Sexual Misconduct Charges With DJ Akademiks



Few days ago, the New York emcee was rumored to have plead guilty to what consists of three felony counts of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance.

Trying to clear his name during the interview, Tekashi69 explains that they were no rape or sexual misconduct since he was himself an underage kid too and that the story happened in 2014.

It has been a busy week for the NY emcee who after clearing his name will have to clear his reputation with the new allegation of him making a cameo appearance in a gay porn movie which seems kind of legit … Read more

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Apple Pushes Back HomePod Release To Early 2018



Apple delays the release of its Homepod, its Siri-powered smart speaker.

Six months ahead of its December release date, Apple announced the HomePod. The Siri-powered smart speaker has been pushed back to early 2018 and is more likely to retail at $349 like its Amazon Echo Competitor. Apple aims to deliver the highest-quality audio from all with hands-free Siri connectivity.

The HomePod will come covered in a seamless 3d mesh fabric with incredible acoustic properties, to drive the audio from within with its 7 beam-forming tweeter array precision acoustic horns and all along the bottom with tremendous directional control.
The powerful speaker adapts to wherever it’s playing with its the Apple design A8 chip which helps with real-time acoustic modeling, audio beamforming and multi-channel echo cancellation to balance it and take full advantage of the environment and create a very spacious sound credible speaker. Siri’s intelligence will allow to question the device on who is the drummer? When was the song released? Or simply what is the song currently playing.
It will give you instant access to one of the world’s largest music catalogs and will be controllable through natural voice interaction.
Apart from that, not much is known on the other functionality of the device, so tune back in January for more informations.
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Tekashi69 Exposed For Gay Porn Movie



Trippie Redd has been hinting all week that Tekashi 6ix9ine played in gay porn movie. here is the video.

After the beef between Trippie Redd and Tekashi69, with Trippie claiming the rainbow-colored emcee had him jumped in New York City last week, Rumors spread on the web after the 1400 rapper shamed the New York rapper for being in a gay porn. Screenshots of the blue-haired rapper emerged everywhere on social media. with no more information than the ‘MatchoFucker’ tag on the actual picture, it didn’t take long to legit check the screenshot.

Sexy bubble-butt novice APACHE BLU is, finally, the first Native-American Model we did a video with. What he needed first: A proper Break-in! Watch the Younging`s beautiful butt being probed by MISTER BUCK`S BBC in our today`s update. is a gay oriented platform and running through the 45-pages website we stumbled upon a 2014 porn scene featuring Mister Buck smashing what is described to be “Apache Blu, the first Native -American we did a video with”. A small thumbnail with what could be the rapper getting doggy-styled by some random guy.

It is always funny to realize that such raw characters with this level of violence in their music can be exposed as making passive cameo appearance as gay actor. This is the first time that a popular rapper gets caught red-handed with proofs to back it up.

In the soon to be released interview with DJ Akademiks, the NY rapper denies having a gay sex tape and saw in his Instagram comments someone pointing out that the actual footage was from famous gay porn actor Apache Blu which is nowhere to be found.

However, we have reached out to Mister Buck who is smashing the rapper and are waiting for his comments.

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