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Supreme Secures Trademark In 106 Countries



For several years, Supreme has had to fight to regain total control of its brand against very well organized counterfeit organizations. When the brand was created in the 80s, James Jebbia certainly did not think he would go that far with Supreme.

The founder made the mistake of not protecting his intellectual property abroad well until 2015, the year in which Supreme filed his first application for protection in Europe.

Only, it was already too late for the brand which had already been registered in Italy by a certain Michele Di Pierro. Legally speaking, the Italian could freely distribute “Supreme” products through its subsidiaries Supreme Italia and Supreme Spain throughout Europe.

In 2017, Supreme won its first battle at the Milan court, forcing Supreme Italia to destroy its stocks before a reversal of justice the following year which finally authorized the activity of the counterfeiter. Supreme has since acquired all of its trademark rights in Europe, but not in China where Supreme Italia was experiencing exponential growth there.

In 2019, Supreme Italia opened its new Flagship Store in China in Shanghai. A few months ago, the fake Supreme had even gone so far as to set up a collaboration with the giant Samsung. Practices seen as a snub for the team of James Jebbia who did not intend to let go.

Finally, last January, Supreme won the rights to its brand, granting it the unique right to distribute “Supreme” products in Chinese territory. Supreme now has 251 legal depots in 106 different jurisdictions and is expected to open its next store in Milan.

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200 Looters Caught Ransacking Soho Supreme store in wild video



Footage of wild swarms of looters ransacking the Supreme store emerges again.

More than 200 unidentified opportunist went down to Supreme Soho flagship on 190 Bowery, New York on Wednesday morning amid protests in the neighborhood.

It seemed like a very organized, disorganized group,” said the person who recorded the video, a brooklyn based artist going by the name WhIsBe.

Victim of a first loot, days before the streetwear mainstay geared up like other coveted brand and boarded up the premise to keep looters out. However, the group seemingly unorganized yet patient crowd breached the shop and cops were, as of the artist, no show for more than 20 minutes.

The massive group spent around 20 minutes raiding the store, dispersing before cops arrived, he said.“There was nothing left to take when they were done,” the artist said.

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Supreme didn’t respond to request for comment. and showed support on their last post on social medias to the ongoing protests.

As of their weekly release, the brand has yet to share any update on their Thursday release and could possibly hold the week 15 drop until things go back to normal.

The shop have been shut down since the coronavirus pandemic and the famous skateboard brand has made everything possible to help the world, with two highly coveted releases including the relief tee, a box logoed tee shirt in collaboration with Japanese artist takashi Murakami and the world tee from their latest collaborative capsule collection with The North Face.

They also graced fans from shipping fees for most of the pandemic.

Other resell stores such as Cool Kicks L.A., Round Two and Flight Club were also looted this week and could not be the last victims.

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Floyd Mayweather to Pay for George Floyd’s Funeral Service



Former five-division world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather has offered to cover the costs of the late George Floyd‘s funerals, the American man who died of asphyxiation after been kneelled on by police officer for seven minutes custody in Minneapolis last week.

The money Team has took it to twitter to  confirm that the former champ would be covering all funeral costs.

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Mayweather has reportedly committed to pay for three funeral services in Houston,  Minnesota and Charlotte, and a potential fourth to an undisclosed location.

Several media outlet have reported that Floyd’s family has accepted the boxer’s offer, and TMZ Sports has published an image of the $88,500 cheque written out to the Fort Bend Memorial funeral home.

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Elon Musk Propels Tristan Eaton’s Indestructible Artworks into Space With SpaceX’s Crew Dragon



Tristan Eaton‘s indestructible Human Kind series was successfully sent to space with the Crew Dragon SpaceX shuttle over the weekend.

The Los Angeles based painter has officially joined the elite group that have had their pieces sent to outer space, alongside Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Trevor Paglen.

The largely acclaimed visual artist has created a collection of two-sided plates of gold, brass and aluminum, with each artwork designed for one of the five astronauts arriving in the International Space Station.

As noted in an Instagram post, Eaton shared that the double-sided aspect is meant to “represent the duality of Human Kind, our past and our future.

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

My art is going to Space today! Thank you @spacex @nasa @atrbute ——————————————- ‘Human Kind’ by Tristan Eaton As an artist I try to look at the world with a big picture view. No one gets a bigger view of our world than our brave astronauts on the ISS. When SpaceX asked me to create art to join these astronauts in space, I wanted to make something inspirational. Looking down from space to see all of Human Kind together on this tiny planet might remind you how much history and potential we have. Yet we have so much further to go. With this in mind, I created a series of indestructible, 2 sided paintings made from gold, brass and aluminum to represent the duality of Human Kind, our past and our future. With kindness, hope and science, Human Kind has changed the world many times over. For a better future, we can do it again. Good luck Doug & Bob!!! Stay tuned to hear about what happens with the Art when it returns to Earth in 3 months!!! #launchamerica

Une publication partagée par Tristan Eaton (@tristaneaton) le

The plates also feature imagery alluding to nature, harmony and togetherness, including a half-peace sign, a stretched-out hand, a chimp and its offspring, a tree and several flowers.

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It also includes protective sleeves with a front pocket that features the artist’s statement and a short acknowledgment to the astronauts.

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