Supreme Salt Bae, Eric Whiteback Insures his $50,000 Supreme Collection

If you can remember his video went viral a few month back, as he nonchalently walked toward the ‘preme store mimicking Salt Bae’s signature move in a hypebeast way. Hypebeast reported that Eric Whiteback 21-year-old student and Pennylvannia native insured his coveted collection that is allegedly worth 50 racks. Yes yo uheard 50 racks.

While he wears a good 10-15% of his Supreme goods, his extensive collection includes a fair amount of bogo hoodies and tees, a lot of the most popular items available on the market such as the nuchaks, the crowbar or the fire instiguisher just to name few, but also more rare and precious pieces such as the Kermitt photo tee, the Kate moss and the Everlast Boxing gloves.

Thoughhe doesn’t have a steady job and is still in the education system, he reportedly ‘sold his large childhood sports memorabilia collection to earn extra funds towards his Supreme items‘ and even had time to share over 56 days a different fit on his IG profile.  However, there is no proof that he is an active reseller nor a Bot/Proxy provider … To be continued

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