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Supreme’s Na-Kel Smith Opens up About Racism in Skateboarding Industry



Na-Kel Smith has took live to Instagram, his take on being a black man in the skateboard industry and detailed his personal experiences with racism along the road.

Alongside Kevin White and Mikey Alfred, he shares how in various instances, his “white” colleagues have taken full advantage of their privilege.

Disclaimer : While his speech only reflects his personal point of view, the largely white skate culture has never really been pointing fingers at black brothers for being culture vultures !!! and in a way we can’t really support his take when it come to the skate culture. Racism is everywhere and nowhere at the meantime. However we strongly condone the use of the n-word and as you might have seen over the years, we haven’t used it once, whether our writers are black or white.

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In the 35-minute video, Nak refuses to name drop who he felt was acting disrespectfully, but he did explicitly call out late Thrasher editor-in-chief Jake Phelps, as he says has used the N-word on numerous occasions while around him.

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The multi-hyphenate creative and professional skater also talked about instances when white teammates would either ask for approval to use the term or say it regardless during van trips, brushing it off as nonchalant verbatim.

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Smith also notes that many actively involved within the professional skateboarding industry treat POC as if they are “lucky” to be included.

From Black skaters being troped by use of hip-hop music in skate videos to sponsors asking him to participate in racially insensitive actions, Smith ultimately proclaims that “some of your favorite skater companies don’t give a f*ck about the Black man”.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Called Out By Trax NYC Owner Maksud Agadjani For Unpaid Jewelery



The owner of Trax NYC, Maksud Agadjani appreciate doing business with the New York superstar but after getting paid for a chocker chain he took it to Instagram to ask him to pay for the bracelet he cut from his own chains and request he pays the $25K he owes him.

In the video, we can see Tekashi at the store, copping the diamond chain necklace, but the video cuts to a a public service announcement of the owner, saying that he’d appreciate to get his money. With no way of contacting him, the owner felt he had no choice but to make a public video asking him for his money.

He even gives him the choice to return the bracelet if he doesn’t want to pay for it. Watch the video down below.

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Supreme Shuts Down Lacoste Collaboration Rumors



We would like to vehemently deny a currently circulating rumor concerning the possibility of a Supreme x Lacoste collaboration.

First leaked by The Supreme Saint on twitter, the picture of French photographer Yanne surfaced on the web having major website spreading rumors around the globe of a possible collab between the two brands.

In reality, due to his connection with the paris shop, the young hypebeast who was oftenly featured on Supreme Paris France instagram account prior to the event, has had the chance to get the soon to be released Gingham L/S polo who could have been personally given to him by Supreme’s Brand director Angelo Baque.

Despite similarities on the cap and polo, which could have looked just like Supreme was teaming up with French clothing company Lacoste, the skateboard brand just drew its inspiration from the established brand, as per contra to the soon to be released Louis Vuitton collab which is a hundred per cent legit.

All expectations went down when week 1 dropped in store. Apparently, as to silence rumors the skateboard brand inceptionned the coveted checkered gingham L/S polo which is a Lacoste inspired knockoff as they have always do, but is not a collab.

As for  the hat, very little is known, as the only ‘ kinda-legit ‘ picture we have found is on the official Rollingstone indian website

Nevertheless, we highly recommand you go follow Yanne for more unreleased pieces and don’t believe everything you read on Hypebeast, Highsnobiety and all instagram’s account as it only becomes legit when we share it.

Skippa Da Flippa talks Leaving Quality Control Music

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Supreme MetroCard runs for 30 times its price on Ebay



When it was first revealed through the official ‘South Ferry’ Teaser , the hype gradually rose to its maximum level alongside items such as the key Blade and money gun. Popular for their rare items the streetwear genious  launched a customized NYC MTA MetroCard with two fares included, giving the riders something to look forward to on their daily commutes.

Unsurprisingly the Metrocard is already up for ressell on Ebay and Well, with some running at a Buy It Now price of $100 USD. For those willing to try their luck, you can try to cop the MTA MetroCard at Supreme’s online store on February 23.

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Get the full pricing the upcoming Supreme x Louis Vuitton Here.

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