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Supreme x AKIRA Drops In Few Hours, Get Ready



As a kid, I remember watching this animé on TV on the weekend as my father was playing on the computer. I had to be 7 or 8 years-old and I guess I hadn’t seen the PG-13 disclaimer at the beginning of the movie. This was the most disturbing visual experience of my life.

The movie was so strange and so traumatizing by the end of it, that I was completely hypnotized by it, which created my love as a teenager for scary movies.

Created by Katsuhiro Otomo, The story takes place in a apocalyptic Post-World War III world, where Tokyo has been destroyed by a nuclear bombing and society is fraught with anti-government terrorism, drug usage and gang violence. We highly advise that you give it a goif you haven’t seen it.

Today, marks the release of the Supreme x AKIRA in collaboration with Mister Otomo on a collection which features the original artworks from AKIRA serie.

The collection consists of a super coveted Fishtail Parka, Coveralls, and a all over Jacquard Long Sleeve Top & more. they will also release two Skateboard Decks, a Ceramic Plate and Tray.

Available in-store NY, Brooklyn, LA, London, Paris and online November 2nd.

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Supreme Reveals New Collaboration With Independant



Supreme comfirms Independant collaboration for this week drop.

Supreme confirmed Independant collaboration for the weekly Thursday’s drop. The collection will include a Nylon Anorak available in three colorways with the Supreme Gothic lettering on the front and Independant ‘Iron Cross’ in the back.

It will also include a Sherpa Fleece Collar Bomber Jacket available in Black and brown.

supreme x independant nylon bomber

Quilted Flannel Shirt, Crewneck Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Short Sleeve T-Shirt and a 5-Panel Hat.

Supreme x Independant old english 5 panel cap

the collection will be available on their website and in-store in NY, Brooklyn, LA, London, Paris November 16th. Available in Japan on November 18th.

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Anti Social Social Club Issues Apology For Delays & Shipping Services



In an official statement, Anti Social Social Club has apologized for widespread shipping delays to customers which follow month of complaints by online admirers and customer of the brand.

As we reported earlier this week, that at least three thousand people have signed the petition against surrounding the questionnable practices of the streetwear brand regarding shipping services. A viral post, that provided more than 5,000 new signatures to the online petition urging the Federal Trade Commission to take legal action against the streetwear mainstay.

A.S.S.C confirmed that customers who have faced shipping issues represent less than 5% of total clients. According to the statement action has been taken to prevent it to happen again.

“Dear ASSC Members, WE apologies for the delay in shipping and we aknowledge your concerns. The demand for being a member in the club has been dramatic this past year. New updates and new systems have now been implemented as a result of this issue, in order to prevent this from happening again in the future. What was once a small project handled by a single person has now grown into a full company. We have (now) an amazing team that handles the business and logistics side. Thank you for supporting and being a member of the Anti Social Social Club.”

Founder of ASSC, Neek Lurk stated in the letter.


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Supreme x Levi’s® FW17 Collection



Supreme has often worked with Levi’s® in the past. this week comes additionnal design to support Supreme x Cindy Sherman for the latest drop of Fall-Winter 2017 collection.

The collection consists of a custom fit stone washed cotton denim Trucker Jacket and Overalls with snakeskin pattern and buffalo plaid flannel lining. Made exclusively for Supreme, the Trucker Jacket and Overalls will be offered in three colorways.

Available in-store NY, Brooklyn, LA, London, Paris and online November 9th.

Available in Japan on November 11th.

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