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Swae Lee Leaks Himself Sex Video On Instagram

After 30 minutes online, the young superstar has deleted it from his account. However, Notifications turned out to be a pain in the ass for the rapper as various outlets, such as PHH and have also downloaded the video.

Swae Lee might not get away with it easily, especially just after being sponsored by the NBA, who is very serious about images they associate with.

The younger brother from the Eardrummers duo uploaded a video to instagram today having sex with an unknown female.

“OMG” sums up perfectly the feeling that might have experienced the Black Beattle right after uploading the footage.

The video features nothing more than the tattooed hands of the rapper, grabbing on the buttocks of a young woman in a tank top.  As she grinds atop the Hip Hop star, he simply keeps his composure and lets her do the work.  However the tattoo on the hand is very distinctive and so is the diamond ring on the male showoff’s hand, we have shared a slow motion of the uncensored video for you to be the judge.

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