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Tattoo artist Nate Siggard Creates The Tattoo You Can Hear



Tattoo artist Nate Siggard Creates The Tattoo You Can Hear

Soundwavetattoos have been shared and viewed by over 100 million people since it was invented by Los Angeles based artist Nate Siggard, the inventor of a new tatto process that allows people to get audio waveforms of their most personnal memories inked on their skin and listennable via a still-in-the-works smartphone app.

The concept is pure genius and pushes the tattoo culture a step further in the digital era. A deceased relative speaking or a piece of music, the possibilities are endless.

‘ The potential for honoring our grief, sharing our stories and healing our suffering has inspired many of you to get your own. We are working tirelessly to make it a reality.’ Nate Siggard

The app then generates a real waveform image that can be taken to a qualified tattoo artist to be permanently inked on the body. After the tattoo is done, a photograph of it is uploaded to the app, to be matched to the audio file so that when the recipient points the app at his or her tattoo, the audio plays.

“We’re using image recognition inside the app to notice when it’s looking at the tattoo and it plays the sound of the tattoo back on top of itself,” Siggard said.

The artist currently works, day and nite, on establishing a network of trained tattoo artists all over the world to make this epic sonic tattoos available to everyone. Thinking on a whole new level, the tattoos turns into a part an important grieving process and says tattoo artists will be trained to listen compassionately to their customers’ stories.

Siggard’s friend Josh Gallner recently lost his father to cancer. He requested a Soundwave Tattoo of his dad offering advice to other people affected by the disease.

“You absolutely have to believe and once you have that belief, that desire, you can conquer anything,” Josh’s father says on his tattoo.

The app should be completly operationnal for June 2017, and prices could range from $150 to few grands if a complete piece would surround the actual audio waveform.

Skin Motion has already approved many tattoo artists for tattoos across United States, Europe, Latin America, Canada and Australia while a form is available on their official website for inkers to hop in.

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Lil Reese Says He Was Waiting For 6ix9ine At Chicago Airport In Rare Interview



Lil Reese speaks on Tekashi 6ix9ine’s visit to Chicago in rare interview with DJ Akademiks.

If Tekashi 6ix9ine walks away from jail time, he will have to relocate to a place on earth where he can hide for eternity.

As the tattoo-covered rapper gained success, he has also made a loads of enemies; and among them are several Chicago driller you don’t want to mess with.

After last year’s spectacle, where 6ix9ine visited the Chiraq trenches, provoking shooters from the city. By now, we should know that he was accompanied by a lot of police and security which Lil Reese said he found out about while waiting for the rapper’s arrival at the airport.

“When he first came to Chicago — alright, it’s a big city but it’s a small city. When he first got to the airport and came, we was up there, at the airport. We watched him get in the car,”

Reese told Akademiks. 

This unveils the mistery on how 6ix9ine manage to ride around town without getting harmed, as Reese discloses information concerning the security and police crew surounding him.

“We were at the airport… We watched him get in the car. We let him ran out because there was police all in the car. We weren’t going to do anything …”

Reese says

Reese explained that he didn’t feel the need to actually take the beef serious because 6ix9ine was playing Internet games, and he has not spoke to him ever since.

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PNB Rock Orders WorldStarHipHop To Take Down His “Drippin Like Paint” Videoclip With SkinnyFromThe9



PNB Rock Orders World Star Hip Hop to take down his “Dripping Like Paint” videoclip with SkinnyFromThe9 as soon as they uploaded it.

Apparently, SkinnyFromThe9’s street cred and popularity has been gunned down for multiple reasons we can’t just seem to find justifications for.

Jersey rapper David Villegas, better known by his stage name, SkinnyFromThe9 has been getting a lot of Ls lately but is also gathering a lot of shade from the industry in general for unknown reasons.

After being chased down the staircase of a L.A. studio by Zoey Dollaz and his goons, the upcoming rapper has gotten the cold shoulder by a lot of people, primarily Adam22 who has been giving more than a point of view but has been taking sides and handpicking who he f**ks with and who he doesn’t. Unfortunately for Skinny, he wasn’t picked, and Zoey had a 101 interview podcast on the official No Jumper Youtube Channel the very same day.

It looks like it is PNB Rock’s turn to allow a shady move to be made public against the Jersey Emcee.

Yesterday, according to our Youtube notifications, the official videoclip to Rock’s and Skinny’s track ” dripping like paint” was released. When clicking on the link, the video had already been taken down by the WSHH team. they could have forgot to clear the rights with the major since Rocks is signed to Atlantic and Skinny To L.A. Reid or can’t it just be that everyone hates on the new sensation.

While Adam Grandmaison keeps saying Skinny doesn’t have a career such as upcoming Kid Buu, who has been consistent yet we all agree he can be perceived as corny.

He has also been believed to have snitched about the recent chain snatching events to the police. As YBN Almighty is currently under investigation for the alleged robbery.

However, f**kboy or not, we found the videoclip online, reuploaded by Patsplays’ Youtube channel, as it is only right that SFT9’s fan can watch it.

Watch the videoclip down below and share your opinion in the comment section down below.

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Insane … Lil House Phone Delivers Crazy Powerful Performance At No Jumper Monthly!!



Rope gang now organize a lifestyle event at the Echoplex every month in Los Angeles. For the occasion Chief Keef and many special guests showed up including DC the Don, CAM GIRL, and Lil Ugly Toes.

Despite the No Jumper crew pining for the presence of Glo Gang, probably due to their current business venture with “Glo Jumper” Capsule collection, and highly hyped up Chief Keef performance, the one performance to be remembered is Lil House Phone‘s one.

Nevertheless Sosa will remain the legend of Drill Music, but time goes by and have made some space for new talents.

Watch the vlog and let us know how you feel about his explosive performance at Ecoplex.

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