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Taylor White : Who Is The Tattooed Girl With XXXTentacion At BET Award



She has to be one of the prettiest freebird the internet have seen in a while. The breathtaking 23 years old women who accompanied famous rapper XXXTentacion at the 2017 Bet Awards left everyone wondering who she was. 

Published model for ink magazine, the gorgeous tattooed girl with the XXX beanie firmly ensconced on her head  isn’t new to the scene.

Tracing her roots back to her Native American ancestors, every tattoo displayed on her body is a sign of her proud squaxin tribe heritage. White sports every assets of beauty at its finest, fine female form, soft white skin, seamless without any contrivances.

Sad to say, but her teenie mug will surely get an old perv’ horny on sight. To be honest, a career in the adult film industry will lead her to her first million dollar, on the path of Jenna Haze and with all due respect she is will be high quality masturbation material.

Lately, the petite brunette known on social medias as Tigerlily Taylor, has seen her popularity soar thanks to her multiple connection in the industry.

You might not remember her, as not many have seen the actual footage, but she made an appearance on Lena The Plug’s Vlog, Adam 22‘s girlfriend, this summer for a two and a half hour long threesome gained off of a twitter invite she sent them.

In the 8 minute vlog, she is introduced by Lena Nersesian as a Camgirl with her personnal website which has apparently been merged to Baesquad‘s one, a group of insta model who monetize their social medias by sending nudes, twerk and sex videos to their premium subscribers.


The young pin-up was later introduced to XXXTentacion during a party and their rumored romance soon emerged on social media.

XXXTentacion’s Istagram story featuring Taylor White

But few days ago, X shared some disturbing comments via IG concerning is relationships that always turn ugly. As for now, they are not together anymore but still attended the show together. Shortly after X took it to his IG story to make the record straight : ‘ I don’t have a girlfriend relax, I’m a whore’.

She also has two youtube channels, TaylorWhiteTV and Tygerlily Taylor. Her content — well — the life of 23 Year-old girl who smokes lots of dabs and hangs out with the hypest rapper in the game.

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Lil Xan Pull A Gun & Shout Racial Slurs At Man Harrasing Him With 2pac Comments



Over the weekend, California rapper, Lil Xan Aka Diego, was confronted by a man who asked about his remarks concerning Tupac Shakur.

According to the video, starting after the harrasing unidentified man ran up on Xan, the conversation quickly escalated as the cameraman taunts Diego into doing somethings : ” you little b***ch. Look at this little b*tch. Do something, homie,”.

In the footage obtained by TMZ, he rapper vigorously responded waving a 9 mm with extended clip and shooting “Get the f**k out, n***a!” as he retreats to his car.

“The media is gonna try and twist what just happened at a gas station,” he wrote. “I was about to be attacked and resorted to having to use self defense. Fuck all you old head ass bitches still talking ’bout that 2Pac sh*t. Live your own life and stop picking on a kid.”

According to multiple sources, Police are looking into it to see if there could be some legal action taken against the 22 year old rapper.

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New Supreme Box Logo Worn by Chief Keef Emerge At MCA CHICAGO



We had the great honor to walk past a new exclusive piece of art during the MCA CHICAGO.
Virgil Abloh, non-other than the mind behind Off-white and artistic direction of Louis Vuitton, has got himself a little treat with the potentially new release of the "Pan-African" in collaboration with Supreme. 
Parralel to the exclusive orange vuitton capsule, courtesy of LV and Virgil , the "Pan-African" box logo drew his inspiration from the adjective referring to the African community as a whole and the ideology of a political consciousness converging towards the emancipation of the black continent. A direct present/tribute to the African-American culture of Chicago, and put very cleverly pushed by the iconic coiner of the Drill movement, Keith Cozart Aka Chief Keef.

As of the tee, a three tone box logo depicting the PanAfrican flag—also known as the UNIA flag,—a tri-color banner consisting of three equal horizontal bands which have been subjected to a 90 degree rotation for the occasion.

Weither it is a limited edition like the "process" tee of ryan mcginness ... If it could end up to beeing an photo tee shot by Virgil for the upcoming Supreme season ... Or ...

You might Also Like: Could The Pan-African Box Logo Tee Turn Out To be A subtle Announcement To A Future Chicago Store Opening … Read More

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Skarrss : Meet Norvegian Rapper With The Gang Gang Tattoo



Everyone wants to know who is the “Gang Gang” face-tattooed rapper from No Jumper’s Adam22 personnal Youtube channel. Where is he from ? Why does he have the Gang Gang tattoo ?

The rope pope has helped launch lots of careers over the past 24 months, and however the latest promoted artists are just bypasser, they nevertheless rouse the public interest. Take a look at Wild Jackpots casino review. Best casino bonuses, offers for new players.

After Jumex which has been labeled as “industry plant” due to his ties with Taco Bennet from Odd Future and his “Trapped” videoclip starring Asspizza.

This time, lets make some room for Skarrss who has clearly a visual impact on the underground music consummers.

While it is cristal clear that they the rapper are a discident branch of the Juggalo family, it surely wasn’t clear for the Rope Pope who has actually interviewed the Isane Clown Posse, about a week ago.

Skarrss hails from Norway and hasn’t disclose his real name yet. He represents for F.O.C. Gang which acronyms stand for Family of Criminals.

FOC Gang anti snitching clothing line campaign againtt drug.

Back in 2017 he launched a clothing brand alongside the FOC gang, called Anti-snitch clothing line, which is not as people might have taught gang related to any motorcycle club. In a Statement he made in January 2018, Skarrss explains that it is more like a family union to combat drug among the youth :

Were more like a worldwide united family\gang. That even has started a donate page so other can help us with one of our main goal and that is showin the REAL truth about drugs to the youth and givin them another opirtunity or lifestyle call it what you want.. so our MAIN goal is to help the youth stop to begin doing/selling drugs. So we offer one free starter «the anti snitch clothing line.» starterpack to sell and then they will understand that they got other choises!!

Skarrss said.

He also showed and received support from Arild Knutsen, Leader of The Association for Humane Drug Policy of Norway for the “Support, Don’t punish” movement.

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