The 10 Most Hilarious Reactions To XXXTentacion’s Punching a Fan

XXXTentacion concerts have to be the wildest these days. Concertgoers got stabbed, he was violently knocked out, thrown into a barricade, his frend/opener Wifisfuneral got jumped, and last but not least rapper punched the glasses off of fan’s face.

#xxxtentacion punches fans who grabbed him during show #fight

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The “Look at Me” rapper reportedly told the fans that he was going to run through the crowd, and warned that if anyone touched him he would punch them, and apparently one of them didn’t really get the concept.

Xxxtentacion punched a fan last night in SLC from hiphopheads

As we were the first to share the actual footage on social medias, our IG post became the center of the trending topic with close to a thousand comments thanks to MrFlabbergasted & RileyTaugor on the biggest reddit in the rap game r/hiphopheads.

Here are The most Hilarious reaction :

Video has surfaced of the incident. It shows the rapper walking through the sea of humanity. One overzealous fan reaches out and touches the rapper’s shoulder, which XXX responds to by striking said fan with a wicked right cross allegedly in self-defense. The recipient of the blow looks totally stunned, holding his mouth. X then gets in his grill, yelling something before stomping off.

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