The Controversy Surrounding Hollywood Swervo’s ‘Titanic Waves’ Ft Lil Yachty

It has been few weeks we want to share this new artist with you. Hollywood Servo was first Aired on Dj Akademiks Twitch TV claiming to have original Metro Boomin beats and despite the Youtube personality clowned him for his unmastered autotune, we actually fall in love with his music.

Caught red handed, he allegedly stole a Lil Yachty song from an underground rapper who recorded it back before the sailor rapper was popping. Explaining that he had the original track before anyone. The track would allegedly was gifted to an unidentified producer for free studio time two years ago. But at the end of the day his track is lit and his ‘Blue Strips’ joint too.

The track would also actually be Lil HBK’s song but there is no track of it on its official soundcloud account but is still available on youtube … However the track is … we reached out to him to know a little bit more about it as a genuwine Yachty track isn’t something we actually take down from your resume … To Be continued

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