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The Rumored Supreme X Nas Photo Tee



Word around town circulating that this week could be the week. After the first rumors, a new mock-up of the photo tee in collaboration with Nas emerged on.

The image of the leaked T-shirt posted by Supreme news Instagram supreme_hustle displays the previously reported original image of Nas wearing Supreme’s famous box logo shirt with “Nasty Nas” written directly under. According to reports, the T-shirt will be released in eight different colors and is part of Supreme’s 2017 fall/winter collection.

No official word on the collaboration just yet, but stay tuned for more details when they become available.




  1. richtofen

    06/27/2017 at 7:24 PM

    I don’t know why you even label this category fashion it just a bunch of hypebeast stuff and its only one brand at that. Second I don’t know where you’re getting your information frustrating but its all wrong and a bunch of click bate. If you’re gonna talk about fashion atleast have it been some what accurate and interesting not just a bunch of hypebeast shit about one brand.

    • richtofen

      06/27/2017 at 7:26 PM

      I don’t know why you even label this category fashion it’s just a bunch of hypebeast stuff and its only one brand at that. Second I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but its all wrong and a bunch of click bate. If you’re gonna talk about fashion atleast have it be some what accurate and interesting not just a bunch of hypebeast shit about one brand.

      • Shawn Jackson

        06/28/2017 at 1:51 PM

        this catgeory is called fashion due to its fashion releated content. You made a point we kinda post only about supreme but at least we are super acurate on the subject. If you disagree on just state the information you think we should correct.

    • Shawn Jackson

      06/28/2017 at 1:49 PM

      thanks for your interest, we are curently looking for someone to take over the fashion section, if you are interested send us something you wrote and we ttalk about including you in the team, send @

  2. Justin

    06/27/2017 at 7:33 PM

    Why are you posting a bunch of hypebeast stuff If this is tread/catagory is supposed to be about fashion? And why is the information 99% wrong and click batey? If you’re gonna talk about fashion atleast have some verity and accuracy when discussing your topics. Smh…

    • Shawn Jackson

      06/28/2017 at 2:30 PM

      We are going to try to answer accurately to both you and richtofen. this category is mainly discussing the ‘Supreme’ matter because that’s what we like but there are also other topic such as gucci ghost, marché noir, place plus faces, and many more. In today’s culture the brand has become one of the most important topic in the clothing market with a deeper vision than the average joe couldn’t see in it. the brand has weekly drop and allow us to write weekly content on very subtle subject such as the ostensive demarketing strategy. We don’t really feel the click batey part as a headline becomes click batey only if the article doesn’t actually support the title, in this case our headlines are ‘catchy. 60 percent of our audience comes from google organic searches so out of the 100K monthly visitors we have, so a half of our audience is actually looking for this same exact keywords. for the accuracy part just let us know if you disagree with what we wrote but this information are verified facts from popular sources in the game. however you n richtofen are more than welcome to submit what you think could be a good fit in this particular section as we understand that it does mean to you and, what does mean to our readers means to DrillKing, thanks

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Supreme Special Edition Sled Drops Tomorrow



Trailing behind 18 weeks of exclusive items, follow link Supreme confirmed the special edition sled’s arrival. In the trippy video they just shared on Istagram, made by L.A. based artist, Oliver Payne, the streetwear mainstay made official the release of the red winter vehicle emblazonned with the Supreme lettering.

Watch the teaser down below and let us know if you would cop this item in the comment section. Supreme week 19 items launch online, NY, Brooklyn, LA, London and Paris stores on Thursday, December 28. Japan will see its release on Saturday, December 30.

Sled ? Oliver Payne

Une publication partagée par Supreme (@supremenewyork) le

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FTP Releases Official Lookbook Starring DMX



FTP released the official lookbook for tomorrow’s drop.

Today marks the end of an extremely long period of wait for the underground fans of streetwear as the new rebellious mainstay release the official lookbook to its latest installment but only showcases a small fraction of what’s releasing.

After teasing us with fire pieces such as the black emblazoned basketball we tried to give our readers a first taste of the leaked items with the ‘Pirate Booklet‘. Despite the efforts, no one can compete with the genius of streetwear mister Zac.

After Fredo Santana and Ron Jeremy, the controversial brand decided to team up with American rapper, record producer, and actor DMX, whose love for Hip Hop, drug and anti-conformism is a great fit for the three-letter brand. While we will not be able to establish how long they have known each other, Zac has been scheming on making it happen since February at least when they apparently met at a Los Angeles nightclub and the famous rapper was wearing his tee.

the L.A. born and raised designer will surely draw a lot of attention with their politically incorrect slogan tees and designs since they are allowed to do pop up shop in regard of the riot the last one provoked.



One of the highlight of the release is the highly anticipated with Ironlak.

The new items will be available tomorrow December 9 at 13 pm PST on FTP’s official website.

FTP x4


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When are the Supreme Box Logo releasing?



When are the Supreme Box Logo releasing?

Rumors spread that the Box Logo will be releasing on Thursday, December 7, but for the story people have believed for years now that the Bogos were releasing on the second Thursday of December.


Thursday, December 8th 2016: Second Thursday of December

Thursday, December 10th 2015: Second Thursday of December

Thursday, December 11th 2014: Second Thursday of December 

Every year, Supreme gets abnormally quiet right before the release of their Box Logo hoodie and since last week they haven’t give any update on the following release, which might have let fans jumped to conclusion that it will be released this week. Moreover, the most trusted source when it comes to Supreme, Jaypreme has confirmed that the coveted piece was set to be released on Week 16 (December 7).

As far as we can prove it, the only time that the Supreme Box Logo released on the first Thursday of December was in 2012 and 13, which

Thursday, December 05th 2013: First Thursday of December 

Thursday, December 6th 2012: First Thursday of December

After searching a bit longer, we came to the conclusion that if it dropped this week it would mean that it isn’t a matter of days but of week since they are set to be released on Week 16 and last year they were also released on Week 16. However, it is that time of the year when the hype is real for  Supreme  and Hype beasts around the world are out for blood.

Colorways available

And so, this year they are set to be released on the 14th of December. The high quality heavyweight cotton cross grain fleece will be available in 7 different colorways with the precious box logo patch in different colors.

Like any Thursday, and even more this week precisely, the product will sell out in a matter of seconds due to the hype that surrounds the piece and its rarity, so don’t waste your time going manually as there is only a thin chance for you to cop it. Go full ATC mode.

Good Luck and don’t forget to check out FTP latest release dropping this Saturday. 

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