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Visit The Show-Themed Pop-up Bar Inspired by ‘Breaking Bad’ Coming Soon To NYC

If you ask anyone at Drill KingBreaking Bad is, by far, the most epic Tv show ever released, and fans will soon be able to go to the show-themed pop-up bar that will be rolling into the Big Apple.

Baptized the “ABQ Bar”, this special cocktail space is suprisingly housed in an RV unit — the vehicle is, of course is a straight reference to the mobile meth lab that Walter White A.k.a Heinsenberd and his partner in crime Jesse Pinkman used for their notorious blue concoctions that got ’em rich in the TV serie, but this time around, the concoctions that will be served are drinkable cocktails.

In addition to this amazing concept, guests will also get the chance to make the unique beverages through special instructions and instruments. There’s the “C2H6,” a semi-frozen cocktail made with rum, pink peppercorn, rose hip and dry ice, plus the “Blue Flynn,” a drink that changes color depending on the acidity level you choose. There will be other show-themed drinks to choose from and make. Additionally, the interior of the RV calls out a lot of the themes from the show so fans will definitely be in for a treat.

The ABQ Bar has already made successful stops in London and Paris and will cost guests around $45 to $49 USD for a ticket. You can sign up on the official site for more information and to find out when tickets are released for this July event.

Earlier this month, Better Call Saul brought the Los Pollos Hermanos chicken pop-up to New York City.

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