Vlone Products Prohibited On Powerful Facebook Resell Groups

Less than a year after they released one of the most anticipated Air Force One collaboration with Vlone, Nike has officially ended its relationship with the face of the brand, visionnary guru of underground fashion, A$AP Bari.

“We can confirm we are no longer working together.” Nike spokeperson said.

Less than a month after the footage surfaced online that show Bari demanding oral sex from his assistant booty call it wouldn’t have take long for the community to find him guilty of the sexual allegations that where first filed in the general opinion court. And that is pretty much what led Nike to stop its venture with the visionnary designer who nevertheless pushed forward the resell price of its most iconic collaboration with the sportwear giant to $93K for the Nike Air Force 1 collab.

The company cut all ties with the A$AP Mob due to the innapropriate behavior in the video that quickly casted Bari in a bad light. Not only he lost the most important endorsement of his career but enticed angry reaction from his crew. after Rocky, Carti and even Ferg didn’t appreciate the negative impact drown on the A$AP Brand in general.

Worst than that is the actual resell platforms started to prohibit the resell of Vlone products on their pages.

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