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What Are The Odds Of Copping The Next Nas x Supreme Photo Tee



The Next Supreme Collaboration is rumored to Include A Nas Photo Tee …

New developments on the subject have been made around the alleged collaboration between New York City rapper Nas and Supreme.

According to Supreme Conoisseur Jay Preme on IG, It would be more likely that the original image of Nas wearing the brand’s iconic bogo shirt from 2013 will be featured on  eight different tee colorways and will be a part of the brand’s 2017 Fall/Winter collection.

A Tee Shirt Part Of Supreme’s Holy Grails

We don’t need to tell you that the hype around Supreme was crazy back then, is nowadays getting out of hand and will surely become  completely out of control in a very near future. We also need to set the record straight as This piece is part of the three most coveted items alongside the Bogo Tee shirt and the Box Logo Hoodie which are the Holy Grail of Supreme pieces.


So What Are The Odds Of Copping One ?

Supreme’s website has an average of 660,000 unique visitors per month and has almost had 2 billions – yes you heard it – 2 billion requests on their last bogo release. So it is clear that chances of getting such a special piece are quite small.

These type of items usually sell out really quickly, and it varies from a continent to another. The most popular could be the white tee in the U.S while it could be the Black one in Europe. Considering the all time hype around these type of items  we would highly recommend you to use a bot, as there are many household names that will make sure you cop the item in the colorway and size you been craving for.

Copping The Next Nas x Supreme Photo Tee Manually  …

The odds of copping one the old fashion way are small but there is still a change for you to cop one and if you follow these steps you might be able to get your hands on one of the most coveted piece they drop in the past year.

Disclaimer : Bogo tees and bogo hoodies are super hot and the late CDG x Supreme bogo is too … but a ‘ Photo tee ‘ is the most genuwine piece you can buy.

How to make sure you cop your Supreme Item ?

Step 1 : fill up the auto-fill out form here.

It will help save some time as the principal reason you are able to cop is how fast you will check out on a not already sold out item. and this form allow you to prefill the general informations and even enter your credit card infos. Warning : you can’t use paypal.

Step 2 : define which colors and item were the least hyped during the last drop. 


According to supreme’s analytics informations we got, on the 25 of may during the Michael Jackson collab the hoodie sold out faster than the tees :

  1. Michael Jackson Hooded sweatshirt Cardinal 18 Seconds
  2. Michael Jackson Hooded sweatshirt Black 18 seconds
  3. Michael Jackson Hooded sweatshirt Navy 24 Seconds
  4. Michael Jackson tee Bright coral 32 second
  5. Michael Jackson tee Heather turquoise 34 seconds
  6. Michael Jackson tee Black 36 seconds
  7. Michael Jackson tee Red 39 seconds
  8. Michael Jackson Hooded sweatshirt White 40 seconds
  9. Michael Jackson Hooded sweatshirt Seafoam 41 seconds
  10. Michael Jackson tee Yellow 44 seconds
  11. Michael Jackson tee White 45 seconds

You will be more lucky to cop the yellow or white tee shirt than to try the dark colored hooded sweatshirt.


According to supreme’s analytics informations we got, on the 25 of may during the Mickael jackhon collab the hoodie sold out faster than the tees :

  1. Michael Jackson Hooded sweatshirt Black 13 seconds
  2. Michael Jackson Hooded sweatshirt White 22 seconds
  3. Michael Jackson Hooded sweatshirt Cardinal 24 Seconds
  4. Michael Jackson tee Black 26 seconds
  5. Michael Jackson tee White 32 seconds
  6. Michael Jackson tee Heather turquoise 39 seconds
  7. Michael Jackson tee Red 42 seconds
  8. Michael Jackson Hooded sweatshirt Seafoam 45 seconds
  9. Michael Jackson tee Bright coral 46 seconds
  10. Michael Jackson tee Yellow 59 seconds

You will be more lucky to cop the yellow or bright coral tee shirt than to try the black hooded sweatshirt nor tee shirt.

Conclusion : depends on where you are located the trend isn’t the same but we can all agree that you have to aim for a yellow tee or the bright coral one.

Step 3 : The Check out – Time is key

Time is key. So if you really want to cop this item you won’t have a second chance to get it for retail price as they generally retail for $38 and resell for prices close to a grand for deadstocks.

So don’t even try to add any other product just pick your size, the color way that could not sell out instantly and head for checkout. ( you can only get one item from each category so don’t try to get two tees ).

Make sure your details were correctly pre filled and keep your credit card on the side in case something goes wrong.

If the rumors are true, Nas would become the sixth rapper/rap group to be featured on a Supreme photo tee, joining the likes of Raekwon, Dipset, Prodigy, Three 6 Mafia and Gucci Mane. With no official word from either Nas or Supreme on the rumors just yet, we’ll keep you updated on any new information that comes in.

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A week after the Scarface capsule collection , the streetwear mainstay has once again team up with their legendary partners The North Face® for the new Fall Winter 2017 collection.

Made exclusively for Supreme, the collection will include a leather Nuptse jacket featuring cowhide leather with 700-fill down insulation but will unfortunately run for $1098. The pricy jacket will come in three different colors, black, yellow and red.

Leather Nuptse Jacket: $1098

A leather Base Camp Duffel with 840D ballistic nylon bottom, interior mesh pockets and padded backpack straps for $388.

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Explaining fashion brands’ performance to Business of Fashion, Rebecca Robins, the global director at Interbrand, referenced the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration: “It’s their relationship between brand and culture and they are doing it in a way that is of the moment and relevant but also sustainable. It’s not a flash-in-the-pan. It’s well thought through, strategically driven and delivered with the strength of their conviction.” The collaboration was also named as a key reason for LVMH’s increased sales performance earlier this year.

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M+RC NOIR Secret Ghost Release Tomorrow



Your favorite streewear brand sets a ghost release before the new FW 2017 capsule collection drops.

From Fashion Icon such as Ian Connor to Super producer such as Metro Boomin just to name few, M+RC NOIR has been gaining a steady following in the Streetwear community with their latest collection has recently started to unveil the modern-day essentials that will compose their 2017 Fall/Winter collection

The brand, which draws its inspiration from iconic track suit and Starter jacket looks, is set to release its official FW2017 collection Part 1, next Friday in London at the Axel Arigato flagship in Soho.

Pop-up 22/23 september in London at Axel Arigato. Online release soon

Hoodies, vests, jackets, shorts, caps and sling bags offset by reflective brand letters on velcro, will then be available online for purchase on the 1st of October. But like every single release, hypebeasts struggle to cop some of the most coveted items such as the shoulder bags or reflective hats.

Ian connor for Empire Studio with the exclusive M+RC box logo

Don’t you worry, We got your back. The french designer always have a stash for privileged or famous customer, but they also have ghost releases. Days prior to the official opening of the pop up store, Marché noir LTD will release two of the most popular items on their website in exchange of the password.

M+RC NOIR Reflective HAT

Silicone patch on the front, Velcro strap on the back, Reflective polyester fabric

M+RC NOIR “RR”  reflective side Bag


Velcro strap with reflective logo, Nylon strap with all-over logo on one side, and 3M print on the other side. All accessoires on the bag are made with heavy metal and special black plating finition. Nylon zipper with metal M+RC puller


In the mail that was sent to the privileged customer, the precious password announcing the ghost drop tomorrow at 8pm London time :’Welcome to our our first “Ghost release”. This time we drop the reflective hat and the reflective shoulder bag. Visit our website monday 18th september at (8:00pm London time) and access to store with the following password : GHOSTDROP1

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